Unique Feature of India Toll-Free Number to Enhance Organizational Productivity.

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In this article the unique features of toll-free numbers have been discussed and how this feature can help an organization to grow.

In today’s digitalized India,Guest Posting most of the mobile phone user enjoys free calling provided by their telecom service provider. So now there is a question that arises. Do people really care or give value to the toll-free number in this current situation. Now again the big question is, if customers are not giving values to this number, then why the corporates are investing a handsome amount in those kinds of numbers?

It is obvious that the business is using that kind of numbers because they can control their calls like routing, queuing. In India now toll-free numbers can be provided through cloud-based technology, which can enrich the customer service to the highest level.

Though most of the mobile phone user enjoys free calling, the toll-free number always gives an extra mileage to the business to reach their customer because toll-free number always gives their caller an extra impulse to call the business just because of its zero call charges.

India's toll-free number is very ordinary but it has an excellent capability to connect the customer with the business entities.

In India, many business companies rely hugely on toll-free number technology. Below are some important features of India 1800 Number which connects a business with their customer in creative and socially conscious ways.




Your toll-free number always remains the same. It does not matter if you change your location or even change your 1800 number provider. Your toll-free number will be always yours.

An India toll-free number user can relocate their business anywhere they want. It does not require changing your toll-free number as well as another regional number. Your customer base will not even know that your business location has been changed. Your existing customer base will be with you irrespective of your location.




It is always important for a business entity to enhance its brand image because it gives soundness to a business entity. There is a myth that the toll-free number is only for big companies. Toll-free numbers are highly valuable for any kind of organization irrespective of size. It builds or affects the reliability factor of the customer when they find that the business is using a toll-free number. It builds trustworthiness.


Non-geographic number


It’s difficult to remember regional prefix numbers. So, if a business assigns one number to reach the particular department of the company then there will be different codes according to their department locations.

A toll-free number is a Non-geographic number. It is easy to remember and this single number can route any call to any departments situated in different locations.

For example 1-800-Medical

Let say this is a number used by a Doctor’s clinic. It will be easy for the patient or the patient party to remember the number and can easily call on this number and can book a doctor’s appointment. Patients always prefer seamless doctor appointments.


Enhanced data


Customer data is the most valuable input for a business entity. When a customer calls in a toll-free number then it generates lots of additional data. Those are valuable. A caller who calls in local phone number does not generate those valuable data. A business can integrate google with their toll-free number which analyses digital click to call campaigns. Through this businesses can get valuable data like customer search queries, location, and other helpful statistics.


Marketing Tool


Vanity numbers are great as a marketing tool. It is not only unique it also poses every feature of a toll-free number. Your customer always remembers your number which generates higher sales opportunities.

The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which associated with a particular campaign. Your toll-free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can boost your call volume, sales, and return on investment(ROI).

So, the toll-free number service is very wide for all corporations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts, etc.

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