Website Company: Organization and Structure

Jun 27


chaudhary fahim

chaudhary fahim

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The website company aims to made user friendly and more effective website for any company by organizing a website design


The website company aims to made user friendly and more effective website for any company by organizing a website design. Some of the important elements of website design for a company are its content,Website Company: Organization and Structure Articles images, routing and position. These elements can be seen in the form of blocks of information that need to be presented in a way that result in the pleasing to the viewer.

The very first thing that viewers see in the website company is homepage. It is where the user is welcome to your company. The homepage should be designed in such a way that the viewers would love to visit and stay with you. Make them feel comfortable and relax that can be done with the attractive images and convincing text. Your logo should be placed and displayed prominently. You contact details should be clear that can help the viewers to catch you by phone, email and address. They can select their desired products with a single click.

The texts are there to define the purpose and the aim of you page. For instance, the history page will contain a brief history of the company with the time line of its modification and alteration in functions. The words you use in the page helps in directing more traffic in to your website. So, it is better to have minimum of 150 words in a page with proper bullets and headings.

The images that are selected to place in your company website should be unique and crisp. Their size should be appropriate that can be easily upload and provides a pleasing effect to your website. For instance, the fresh fruits and vegetables for any food items related company will give a refreshing feeling to the viewers.

The navigation placement is quite important as it helps the viewers do not get lost. Keep the navigation position all over the website. The key navigation in home page should not have more than seven or eight links. The name of each link should be quite simple and clear that the viewers could easily recognize. The key seven or eight links should be subdivided in to more specific parts. For instance a key navigation link of the product page will explain about the products and the sub navigation will further tell about the minor details such as price, flavor, shades etc of the product. The opening layout of your website will assist you to plan for linking different pages easily. It takes just few seconds to scan a layout and the clear and simple layout is easy to edit, update, sustain and expand.