What is Brut IPA?

Sep 16


Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

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What is Brut IPA, you ask? In effect it is the champagne of beers, introduced into the market in very recent times by a brewpub in San Francisco, who has experimented with flavours for a number of years before they came up with this extraordinary beer.


 Over the years many breweries have offered different types of IPA’s in a range of flavours to the beer lover,What is Brut IPA? Articles and Brut IPA is no different.

Brut IPA is a cool, crisp and light beer, with many variations of colours, flavours and textures being offered by the different breweries. When it comes to champagne, Brut happens to be the second driest of them all, with less sugars offering less sweetness, and so is this excellent new version of the IPA.

For those lovers of craft beer in London, who want to try out this new version of IPA, don’t be disheartened. There are many breweries in the UK who are also experimenting with producing some exquisite Brut IPA’s, and these are available through many online stores if you search for Brut IPA craft beer near me. One of my all-time favourite beer brands is Rebellion Beer and I am certainly waiting for the day when they would introduce a Brut IPA, but there are so many other breweries who are currently doing it, and this version of the IPA is certainly worth the effort of locating it.

Whether it is IPA’s, stouts, lagers or saisons, craft beer is certainly packed full of flavour and aroma, and offers a huge variance in terms of colour and texture as well. No mass-produced beer can give you the flavour sensations that craft breweries offer, with their handpicked ingredients and traditional brewing styles. 


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