What is the Function of Stevedoring Companies in Mumbai?

Dec 11


Arun Nagpal

Arun Nagpal

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Make sure you have chosen one of the reliable stevedoring companies in Mumbai for stevedoring, multi modal transportation and other shipping-related services.


Stevedoring companies are involved in cargo operations i.e. loading and unloading of cargoes on ships. There are various other dockside responsibilities and duties involved under this occupation. Stevedore is a common term used for people engaged in this service. However,What is the Function of Stevedoring Companies in Mumbai? Articles in the United States of America, they are referred as longshoremen.

Besides labor and clerical work that is performed manually, stevedores also require heavy machinery, fork-lifters and cranes for loading and unloading of cargo. Modern companies are equipped with the latest cargo handling gear, ensuring the safety of stevedores.

Primarily, stevedores boarded merchant vessels as soon as the vessel entered a harbor for loading or unloading the cargo. At this point, longshoremen or dockers handled the goods. However, due to the advent of containerized shipping, stevedoring function has evolved to a great extent. Modern stevedoring involves the use of latest cargo handling gear. Cranes and other heavy equipment are used for loading and unloading modular shipping containers. Due to this, various cargo handling capabilities have come under stevedoring.

Importance of Stevedoring

When a ship carries cargo between ports, it is making money; however, when the ship is alongside a port, it can cost money to its owner. It becomes necessary to minimize port time and get the ship back to its journey. This is where Ports and Terminals have to be efficient and this is where stevedoring companies in Mumbai or any other location play an important role. They organize the cargo handling in port, making sure that the profitability of the voyage doesn’t get affected.

Today, stevedores operate a selection of sophisticated cargo handling equipment in ports and terminals. They are able to handle any type of cargo a ship turns up with efficiency. Since they are responsible for loading and unloading cargo on the ships, they need to be strong as well as familiar with ships and different types of cargo items.

Choosing a Reliable Stevedoring Company

It is important to choose a reliable stevedoring company because it will ensure that the cargo is being handled professionally. Reputed companies take care of all cargo handling operations at the port. They have a team of experts who have a good understanding of the equipment and how to handle materials. From dry bulk and containerized to dimensional, break bulk and project cargo, reputed companies have the expertise to handle all types of cargo.

They have heavy duty cranes, RoRo ships, fork-lifts, lifting beams, bars for project cargoes and various other specialized equipments stationed at the port for quick and efficient services. Stevedoring companies also take care of the entire cycle of operations involving documentation, receiving of cargo, warehousing, stevedoring and delivery at final destination. So, if you wish to get round the clock operations along with safe and secure multi modal transportation, storage of cargo and other benefits, make sure you have chosen a reliable service provider. Invest some time in researching and comparing services before making a final decision.