What you need to know about minibus permits

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What you need to know about minibus permits.

Organizations that focus on education,Guest Posting social welfare, or other community engagement activities are permitted to apply for minibus permits. These permits allow organizations to operate minibuses without the hassle of finding a driver with a Category D1 or D PCV entitlement. They also relieve the stress of having to meet the standard public service vehicle requirements.

Minibus Permit Eligibility 

Minibus permits are referred to as a Section 19 permit and date back to the Transport Act of 1985. Organizations applying for a minibus permit must have a focus on community engagement or improvement, such as schools, churches, and human service organizations. The permit includes vehicles that are able to carry 9-16 passengers.

Charging for Transportation 

Non-profit charities and agencies that provide community transport who are Section 19 permit holders are allowed to charge passengers for transportation. The monies collected must go directly to the costs associated with running and maintaining the minibus. Collected sums may also be budgeted for the costs incurred with individual trips. Volunteer expenses may also be paid from these monies, but staff wages may not be.

Minibus Drivers 

Section 19 permit minibuses can be driven by paid or unpaid volunteers. There is a limit to the total amount of weight that can be driven. Those minibus drivers who passed their driving test after January 1, 1997, cannot drive more than 3500 kg.

Schools and Minibuses 

Public schools who do not charge tuition do not require a Section 19 permit. However, if the school is taking a trip that is funded by parents or other outside sources, a permit is required.

Drivers' Hours Regulations

Section 19 permit minibuses must follow domestic drivers' hours rules when driven by a person who is being paid to do so. Those rules do not apply when the vehicle is driven by a volunteer. If the Section 19 permit minibuses are driven outside of the United Kingdom, domestic drivers' hours rules must be enforced.

Minibus Permit Restrictions

Section 19 permits are only applicable in the United Kingdom. To take a Section 19 permit minibus outside of the United Kingdom, the driver must possess a PCV D1 or D entitlement. Drivers' hours regulations must be followed. Fitting the minibus with a tachograph to be used on the entire journey ensures the proper following of the drivers' hours regulations.

Community engagement and welfare organizations are able to apply for Section 19 minibus permits. These permits allow them to hire volunteer drivers who are not fully Category D1 or D PCV licensed. Minibus permits grant them the freedom to operate anywhere in the UK in order to serve the people who need it most.

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