What Your Cash Flow Stinks? Making Money Online is about Cash Flow

Oct 6


Daniel Stouffer

Daniel Stouffer

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Positive cash flow is critical to making money online. It is the lifeblood of any company, on or off-line, and is the key to making real long term money online. Without positive cash flow, an online business or an off line company can't pay its payroll, invest in marketing, and most importantly line the owner's pockets with cash.


Cash flow is when YOU actually get paid money

Not the other way around...when you pay someone else. Too often,What Your Cash Flow Stinks? Making Money Online is about Cash Flow Articles online businesses end up getting into a negative cash flow position. They end up paying out more money to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who they think can help them make money online. All that really happens is more money is going out of their bank accounts than actually is going in. Sound familiar?

Cash flow is the biggest business necessity for anyone starting out. Cash flow, when it runs short, indicates that there is a serious problem.

Cash flow is crucial to the survival of an online business

In the long-term, a viable online business must eventually get profitable or find some investors to keep giving you cash to make up for your losses. Unless, you are the next scientist with the answer to cold fusion, you are unlikely to get outside investment for your small business venture.

Making money online requires getting into a positive cash flow position as soon as possible or else you'll be burning through your own cash, bank accounts, and credit cards. This situation hurts, hurts, really bad.

Most people want to make money online and get rich

Of course, everyone does but just getting by with a few hundred dollars a month in positive cash flow would go a long way to being successful with a business venture. Having ample cash on hand will ensure that the wheels of the business keep turning. There must be enough cash to continue marketing efforts, re-invest back into the company, sink into new R & D, and most importantly to provide the owners with the life style they seek.

Cash flow isn't the same as profit and loss

Believe it or not, a company can be profitable while experiencing cash flow problems that drive it to bankruptcy. Cash flow is a popular way to see how well a company is performing excluding specific line items or tax strategies caused by accounting practices. Cash flow is a critical area for all companies to manage, improve, and forecast. However, it means different things to different organizations. Cash flow is different from profits. Profits don't guarantee money in the bank. Money in the bank is the most important ingredient to daily operations.

Making money online; living by profit numbers and sales goals

To be perceived as a value and a source of positive cash flow, online marketing efforts must align with sales objectives. One can't get caught in the trap of exaggerating their revenue forecasts only to realize later that there is no marketing budget to support it.

Sales may generate revenue, but that revenue may be delayed in receivables or it may be earmarked for inventory purchases. Meanwhile, employees, hosting expenses, advertising, and monthly bills must be paid.

All business growth steams from positive cash flow

If at all possible, an online business owner should seek out an opportunity where no inventory must be purchases and maintained. To remain the most flexible, inventory management, money collection, and product fulfillment should be handled by a third party. These situations provide the best situation for an online business owner to remain in a positive cash flow position.

Profit growth does not necessarily mean more cash on hand

Profit is the amount of money you expect to make over a given period of time. Profit and loss is only one component of your cash flow. You have to have a clear picture of how each of the other areas affected your cash flow each month in order to understand, take control, and plan strategically around cash flow. Profit within a company is not a guarantee that the company can develop or even survive. A lot of new businesses fail due to lack of cash flow.

Increased cash flow means more funds to grow your business Improved cash flow means there is more money in the bank that is immediately available to re-invest in new assets or growth opportunities. Increasing your online marketing budget just a little can have a tremendous result long term.

Try taking a look at viral marketing challenges and avenues where a little physical effort on your part will drive much more targeted traffic to your online business offerings.

Leverage online advertising that doesn't kill cash flow

Increased or better designed advertising may be one of the cash flow solutions that can make an impact on one's business health. A free placement of your ad in a popular, manual traffic exchange could be a wise investment of your time when sales seem to be flagging.

Traffic exchanges are often the first stop for new online marketers. If you are starting out, you are looking for free and inexpensive ways to get traffic to your website which in turns begins to build your positive cash flow. Traffic Exchanges are great tools.

For home business owner, his list of prospects is the most valuable asset. Traffic exchanges are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site and boost search engine rankings. Some of them even pay you for surfing.

Positive cash flow is a sign of a healthy online business

Positive cash flow means you have enough cash coming in. It is over and above what you have going out. It is important to keep track of good and bad uses of your limited cash flow. This is a very logical and straight forward math problem. It is mind boggling how many online businesses keep plugging away each month throwing money into a hole hoping a money tree will sprout.

Getting cash flowing right from the beginning will make a world of difference

Positive cash flow for a company means everything. Cash flow means no more worrying and fretting about the amount of funds that are coming in and the amount being used up keeping the company thriving. Cash flow means being able to re-invest in new ways to grow your business. Cash flow is an enabler for healthy, balanced life and a company that will actually make money online.