Why Longspan Shelving is an Ideal Storage Solution for Warehousing and Distribution Centers

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The storage of inventory in an effective manner whilst reducing the floor footprint is an important part of planning any warehouse or stockroom for businesses. Longspan shelving has for many years been an excellent choice and this article explains the reasons why.

When companies consider shelving solutions,Guest Posting longspan shelving is regarded as one of the most useful, user-friendly and straightforward racking solutions available. It's adaptable set-up storage that works for many items across numerous industries.

What is longspan shelving?

Longspan shelving is a hand-loaded shelving solution popular in locations from warehouses to stockrooms. It is strong and durable and typically made of painted, galvanised steel. The modular shelving system is built with steel beams for the structure, and shelving is either chipboard, wooden planks or treated steel shelving plates with rounded off edges to ensure a smooth finish facing the picking area. This provides an easy-to-pick shelf that is safe for handloading and picking.

Typical uses of Longspan Shelving

Due to its unrestrictive design and ability to be adapted, longspan shelving is commonly for long, oversized, or obscure items. The shelving is unrestrictive, meaning any size items can be loaded to the shelving, whether small bagged items like fixtures and fittings or large items requiring extended space for storage. If the item can be hand-picked, then Longspan would suit. Inventory can be segregated using shelf partitioning, ensuring that SKUs are easily organised. Many eCommerce fulfilment facilities utilise this racking where the pick quantities may be low, but the SKU numbers are high.

Another location that benefits from long-span shelving is food & beverage facilities. These items do not require a forklift or machinery to pick items such as snack goods, small bottle packs and cartons. Longspan is great where the pick area is easily accessible, and stock isn't stored at dangerously high levels. In addition, you will also find longspan shelving in locations where products or inventory volumes regularly vary, as its adaptable design allows for quick and easy changes for warehouse teams.

Design Effectiveness

Longspan industrial shelving is a simple, highly versatile storage solution, enabling you to manage a wide range of items. Its clean, straightforward layout provides immediate access to items for pickers, contributing to faster picking by warehouse teams improving their efficiency and productivity.

The shelving system is modular in construction, making it easy to configure. The design options without any size or shape restrictions ensure warehouse space optimisation and better utilisation of floor space and pick-routes. This directly contributes to increasing the picker's safety and productivity.

Storage Cost-effectiveness

Longspan shelving has an initial investment, but you will have a system in place that requires very little further costs. If you are expanding or plan to increase the usage, shelving can be easily and affordably adapted and cheap enough to be affordable for business owners.

Initial set-up aside, when designed effectively, the system maximises storage space. The initial cost to companies is far less than other shelving systems, which other racking solutions can achieve for the same initial outlay.

Shelving Maintenance and durability

The shelving structure is made of manufactured steel, which has long been favoured for its durability and cleanliness. This is because steel has the strength to handle the high demands placed on it in an operating warehouse. In addition, today's longspan shelving uses bolt-free build methods on the beams, which means the construction has longer durability as there are no fixtures and fittings to rust or break. This keeps the shelving system safer and minimises maintenance costs and time.

The racking system is easy to clean and sanitise for general maintenance, making it ideal for food & beverage or medicinal manufacturers and distribution centres, storing goods safely and in good condition.

When fitting out your warehouse or stockroom, longspan shelving is an excellent option to store a multitude of different products. Whether your company is a 24/7 operation or a small business just starting out, this simple yet secure and adaptable design of this warehouse shelving stalwart is definitely one to be considered.


Assembling Your Longspan Shelving

For some start-ups, the ability to save costs during the assembly of their new shelving is not an unusual request. To assemble longspan shelving is not difficult, and two people can put it together in a relatively short time. Here is a basic overview of the process.

  1. Firstly, unpack all your boxes and separate the three components, uprights, beams and shelves.
  2. Next, divide the beams into two groups of four. Place one group to your right and the other group to your left. It is best to have them handy when connecting them to the uprights.
  3. Lift the vertical uprights and stand them facing each other with the beams at arm's length.
  4. Holding the upright with one hand, slot the beam into the outer section. Your partner should also place the other end of the beam onto the other upright.
  5. Next, continue the same process for your second beam directly on the opposite side. You have now created one shelf space to keep the shelving unit steady. Next, repeat the process for all other beams to create additional shelf spaces.
  6. Once all the beams are in place, you can insert the shelves completing the shelving.
  7. Depending on your stock and shelving height, you may wish to bolt down the shelving unit to the floor for extra security.

And that's it. You have just assembled a single bay shelving unit.

In giving consideration to the features of longspan shelving, it is definitely an ideal storage solution for warehousing and distribution centres.

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