Why Mobile Apps are Important in Today's Modern Business Environment?

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Nowadays mobile app plays a vital role in everyone's life. Because every person in the world is using the latest and updated smartphones along with mobile apps. A few years ago, every person needs a personal computer (or) laptop to check their emails from the respective persons, but now we can check it through smartphones. We are all living in a digital world. Over (75-80)% of peoples are purchasing their required things online. Currently, the usage of smartphone is around 3.3 billion worldwide according to the market research.

When comes to the business point of view,Guest Posting we can increase the profit potential, brand value through mobile applications and also we can reach the exact target audience which helps to engage with the respective customers. Every business peoples have to adapt to the current trends revolving around the world. Mobile apps help you to increase customer loyalty because it allows to directly communicate with the customers via In-app purchases, ads, promotions, and notifications sent to customers via smartphone in mobile apps. Mobile apps play an important role in business with a larger customer base as well as a workforce relying on the convenience of access on-demand to information and solutions.

Let's see some important facts about mobile applications. Here, I have mentioned below is not an exact value.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Apps:

� The most downloaded app on Google play in 2019 is Whatsapp. Over millions of people have downloaded the app worldwide. In the last year 2018, most download apps are facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, facebook messenger.
� Google Play Store has the highest number of applications for download, more than 2.6 million apps available.
� Apple's App Store is the second largest app downloading platform contains over 2.2 million apps.
� The number of downloads from the Android Play Store is comparatively higher than the App Store. The main reason is, compare to iPhone & iPad users Android mobile users are high.
� According to the Survey, most profitable apps acquired more combined revenue on Google play store and App store in 2018 is, Netflix, Tinder.
� By 2024, over 42% of all sales in the UK are going to be on mobile applications. This number says that mobile app development is a trend set to become a core element for driving sales.
� In-app ADS is one of the largest sources of revenue generation in the last year. By 2019, it is expected that in-app revenues will generate around $160 billion worldwide.
� Mobile app development company from India mostly charge around $25/hour for mobile app development compared to other countries like the USA, UK, etc.
� India is the second-largest country which creates the demand for the app market after the USA. Amongst millions of WhatsApp users, over 68% are from India. This represents India as an emerging market for the app development and IT industry.
� Over 65% of mobile users spend the majority of their time on social media apps.
� A typical smartphone user unlocks their phones over 80 times a day. This generates over 2,700 strokes/swipes per day.
� Apple users spend 24% more time using iPhone apps than they do on iPads.
� Most of the people would prefer mobile apps over a website because apps are more user-friendly on mobile devices. With a majority of people, usage of the internet is completely shifting from desktop to smartphone because of mobile apps, and they feel that apps are the most convenient ones when compared to the website.
� Every day on an average of 4000+ apps gets released on Google Playstore, while in Apple's App Store 1000+ released daily.
� 60% of mobile apps have not been downloaded on Apple's App Store.

Here are the below-mention reasons why mobile applications are significantly important on every business platform.

Creating Brand Awareness:
Mobile apps help businesses for creating brand awareness and recognition because each customer can easily fall in love with the features. In-app offers and promotions through mobile apps can engage the customer and tend to raise business profits and goals.

Increase sales:
Mobile apps help business people to increase sales of goods and services and make a greater profit through online. Recent Days, we can see that most of the people have been purchasing their needs through online are done on mobile apps. Most mobile apps are integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites for marketing purposes.

Improve Customer Service Experience:
Mobile apps help the customer can able to access your products/services anytime at no cost. We can earn customer loyalty more when we deliver our best services to them.

Business Exposure:
Most of the people are using their smartphones to spend more time online. One of the research shows that smartphone users spend at least 162 minutes per day on apps. So having a mobile app can increase your business visibility. This is because most people can be easily associate with the images that they see most at the time.

Suitable Tool for Marketing:
Mobile apps can be used as a marketing tool because we can easily reach the target audience and increase consumer engagements. And Also using apps you can get required information about what you are seeking for like promotional codes, offers, brochures, last news, etc through push notifications.

Increases Access to Users:
Over 3.3 billion smartphone users are there across the world globe. With the app, the business owner can send discount notifications and promotional offers to all of his customers at once.

Source of data and information:
Businesses peoples get information about consumer preferences and behavior to make important decisions based on the data collected. It will be one way of increasing sales and improving the customer's experience.

I am sure! Now you have got some interesting facts and benefits about how mobile apps significantly help business.
How are you gonna start? You have two best options either:

� You hire a mobile app development company (or) to bring your own in-house app development team on board.
� You use anyone of mobile app builders like Como, BuildFire, (or) AppsBuilder to build your mobile app without having to worry about coding and technicalities.

Mobile applications are going to be a trending component of any business platform in the future. The choice which you are going to choose today is the foundation of the business for your future. The decisions are yours either you go with the first (or) second.

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