Why Text Message Marketing is Vital for Small Businesses

Apr 8


John Rufus

John Rufus

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Text Message Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of both small & large businesses by providing enhanced features and functionality. It is reliable and secure.


Text message marketing is the continuous process of communicating business news,Why Text Message Marketing is Vital for Small Businesses Articles promotions, sales, or other important information to your clients via text messages. It is a kind of digital marketing approach that supports you to build awareness about your brand on a more individual level. Consumers must opt-in to your Text messaging service prior to you start sending texts.

You can send bulk messages to different groups of audience segments. You can customize the experience by sending personalized messages. This tactic enables you to avoid other marketing modes that are email marketing campaigns, social media ads, etc., and go right to customers' phones.


Through Text Message Marketing you Can Enhance the Customer Experience

You might smile, but the fact is that people don’t want to speak more with each other, particularly with businesses. More people would prefer to text a specific question to a business rather than calling them or picking up a call from them. If you are not able to give this option to your customers, you might miss out on certain ways to associate with new customers.

Through Text Message Marketing you Can Retain your Customers

Do you run a business that depends on people giving up for their appointments? Whether you operate a hair salon, medical service, dental service, or restaurant, you need to ensure people know to give up. Sending out business text messaging will help you to retain customers and gives them a simple way to respond if there is a difficulty.

It relieves your employees from certain tasks so that they can focus on other important aspects which is important for your business growth. Your employees don’t have to spend their time making calls to verify appointments.

Through Text Message Marketing you Can Escalate your Business Growth

Very few people use desktop computers or laptops to place their orders and to make service calls. Mostly plenty of people use their smartphones. Businesses that integrate a business text messaging solution into their mobile sites have seen tremendous improvement in their sales and business.

Make it simple for your customers to text you straight away when they are using their phones and browsing your site. Buy certain business services that permit you to include text messaging widgets on your website. You will be surprised at how fast leads get transformed into sales when you introduce a “text messaging service ” option.



The Scope of Business Text Message Marketing

Business Text messaging is determined to play a vital role in any text message marketing and communications approach. Not only does it have a more extensive reach than any other form of principal marketing, but it also uses an instant and private communication channel generally consumers prefer.

  • According to a recent study from Morgan Stanley says that 90% of people have their mobile phones constantly with them where we can reach throughout the day.
  • A recent study from International Data Corporation says that 72% of mobile phone users check their mobile phones for new messages immediately after they wake up.
  • A recent study report reveals text messaging solutions deliver an engagement rate of 6 to 8 times greater than email marketing.
  • As per the recent study, In-store and on-demand coupons through business text messaging noticed a greater redemption rate of 70% to 80%.
How Text Message Marketing Works?

If you're ready to commence business text messaging, the first important decision is choosing the best text messaging service provider like BanterText. Banter text provides the most excellent features and service. However, you should assess various providers and pick the best one that fits your business. The below points will assist you to choose the best text messaging service for your business's unique requirements.

Text Message Marketing Supports Both Small and Large Businesses:

The system's functions and features must be scalable to meet the novel requirements of both small and large businesses, irrespective of the user database size.

Text Message Marketing Provides Enhanced Features and Functionality:

The best business text messaging solution providers offer enhanced features and functionality that support your business's objects and goals. Furthermore, Text Message Marketing for Small Business features should address customer's specific pain points.

Text Message Marketing has Great Reliability and Security:

Business text messaging software providers institute uncompromising security protocols to safeguard the data of users from malicious or dangerous activity.

Text Message Marketing has Affordability:

You shouldn't have to cut specific features and functions in trade for costs. Preferring the characteristics of an industry-leading business text messaging service provider will lead your business towards expedited and continued digital marketing and communications progress.

Why Text Message Marketing is required for Any Business? Text Message Marketing is Effective at Reaching People

Whether you’re attempting to reach global markets or a smaller domestic one, Text Message Marketing is the most effective approach to reaching people at various age groups. Higher than 60% of the global population owns a mobile device and that is connected to cover a large group of your target audience.

Text Message Marketing has Untapped Potential

While most well-known big brands prefer text message marketing as a great terminal to promote their services and products. But many small to midsize businesses are still lagging behind using Text Message Marketing for Small Business. Jump on-board prior to any of your competitors will do and make a more significant splash with an unrealized engagement with your customers and marketing opportunity.

Text Message Marketing is Cost-effective

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about Text Message Marketing is that it needs a very small investment but it gives enormous returns. It is affordable for any business size be it a start-up or mid-level organization or an MNC. There are several best text messaging services for businesses that offer a pay-as-you-go texting option, and some business text messaging apps even have engaging monthly plans if you plan to send a huge volume of texts. Since these text messages do not involve designing rich graphics on paper, you can save printing costs and will not impact your budget.

Text Message Marketing Delivers Quick Results

Individual conversations are increasingly shifting to feature-rich messaging applications, giving space in the SMS arena for businesses to grab the notice of their customers. Higher than 90% of individuals open every text message they receive within three seconds. Thus it is much quicker than the time to open an email. Viewing and replying to your business text messages instantly will be the automatic trend of most mobile users, delivering you quick results.

Text Message Marketing flexible over markets

Text Message Marketing for Small Business is suitable for both public-sector and private-sector organizations for the purpose of internal communications, and certainly, for commercial brands. Be it B2C or B2B audiences, a business text messaging solution is an advanced, powerful channel that can be practiced for a variety of communications.

Text Message Marketing is Measurable

Analytics software managed by a reliable Text Messaging Marketing agency can control and track the click rate and each text message delivery. This is especially useful for marketers to estimate uptake of offers and to determine whether to proceed with the same campaign, to make modifications prior to the next group of messages being sent out, or to stop it entirely.

From all of this, you can observe how great can be Text Message Marketing for Small Businesses. There are plenty of advantages with a little cost there’s nothing that can stop you from trying this. Text message marketing benefits your business with an extra edge that requires you to stand ahead of your competitors.

Conclusion Thoughts

There's no ambiguity that Text Message Marketing for Small Business is a standalone system for any business. With an open rate of 95%, Text Message Marketing has greater reliability, security and it is affordable with a low monthly cost. This tactic will satisfy any small business owner with a limited budget. Don't pause your business growth. Take a great step towards opting business text messaging solution offered by Banter.io and sign up for a free demo plan today.

Text Message Marketing offers benefits to small businesses in any industry. Thanks to its agility and reliable delivery, delivering business texts to a wide variety of uses with very low costs per message and making it scalable for both progressing and existing established businesses.

Adopting a text messaging service for business enhances your customer experience and also internal communications on top of delivering a way for promoting your brand.

In your exploration for the perfect business text message marketing partner, you must consider partnering with an industry expert in providing these services. BanterText might be an excellent solution for your business. Banter.io is trusted by many businesses and organizations across the globe. We have delivered millions of text messages and keep going for better business growth.