Why You Need to Engage Employees in the ISO 9001 Implementation Process

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This article explains the importance of involving the employees in the process of the ISO 9001 implementation in your organisation. 

Engaging your employees in the process of the ISO 9001 certification can be a rewarding experience for your company. Irrespective of the role,Guest Posting designation, and tenure of the employees in your company, they must be well informed about your business’s new management systems and changes. A crucial area in your company where every employee should be actively involved in is ISO 9001 standard implementation. It is the standard for the Quality Management System (QMS). A QMS integrates with every process of the organisation to ensure the quality of output is consistently maintained. Therefore, it is necessary to train and encourage the employees to be part of the process where the QMS is standardised with ISO regulations and practices. Employee participation helps in deriving the value of the certification by making the QMS work effectively.

Here’s why Employee Involvement in ISO 9001 Implementation is Crucial

Motivates the Employees

When you make employees a part of a big internal change, they feel valued. It motivates them to do better and for the further benefit of your organisation. It is also important to involve employees because, after the implementation, they are the ones to interact with its processes regularly. There would be changes in their tasks. Therefore, you need to involve them from the beginning of the implementation process. You should hold meetings and make them aware of ISO 9001 practices. Instructing them about new processes and tasks of the QMS will help them to work confidently when the time comes.

Fosters Teamwork and Cooperation

Implementing a standard QMS brings a common goal for your organisation - quality improvement. It is hence necessary to share this new goal with all employees. When there is clarity in communicating the goal, it makes the employees collaborate as a single team. Besides, with an end goal fixed in their sight, they are motivated to work hard together.

Support from Management Gives Them Confidence

When you provide training, hold discussions, or plan for the implementation of QMS with the employees, they feel supported, which makes them confident about their changing roles. Plus, adequate training helps each of the employees to acquire the unique skills required to work with the QMS procedures. In case your business processes are complex, the integration of QMS becomes quite a tenacious and challenging process. In that case, you need to have a frequent training program. It is necessary to help them hone their skills and make them confident while performing with the team as well as working independently.

Promotes Cooperation between Employees and Management

It is a human nature to get fearful about a new change, despite it being a positive change, because of the uncertainties that may arise afterwards. Employees usually resist changes due to this nature. Moreover, any organisational change brings about alterations in their roles or tasks. Therefore, they are the first to react. An important way to thwart away all the fearfulness in the employees is communication and constructive discussion. You should be open to getting their feedback or opinions and consider their feedback on board. It helps in determining how you can improve certain processes to make the roles of employees easier.

With every employee engaged in your ISO 9001 standard implementation process, you can see your business achieving quality excellence in the long run. The benefits of involving your employees are widespread. Team morale is uplifted, motivation to work together towards a common goal and removal of all barriers of communication between management team and employees. But, above all, employee involvement brings uniformity in the commitment of your organisation towards quality management.

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