Why You Should Choose the 2 AWG Marine Battery Cable

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With such a wide range of electric wire and cables sold, and not just for marine use

it can be easy to be unsure of which marine battery cable is the best selection for your boat. A marine battery cable is essential to the wiring of your boat,Guest Posting because it’s used when making electrical installations to everything from smaller boats to larger yachts. And when you are installing wiring on your boat or watercraft, it is critical that you choose products that are reliable, durable, and high quality. You also need to consider the sizing of your cable, because the longer the cable the bigger the cable needs to be because of the amperage. Choosing the right size is important, because an overworked marine battery cable can become an overheated one.

Advantages of the 2 AWG Marine Battery Cable

Our 2 AWG marine battery cable is made for your marine wiring by being long lasting and resistant to wearing down. It’s rated at 600 volts and 105 degrees Celsius; our 2 AWG marine battery cable is resistant to both heat, abrasion and other substances. It is also resistant to water because each strand of the cable is tinned, which makes it even more effective in reducing corrosion from water, salt, and a host of other substances. For example, in a marine environment, any wiring or electrical equipment needs to hold up against acids, abrasion, alkali, gasoline, moisture, and oil. Our 2 AWG marine battery cable is built to withstand all of it. Our marine battery cables are made with 99.4% pure copper, which makes it an exceptional conductor of current. The 2 AWG marine battery cable has 665 strands of fully tinned, UL approved, type III copper marine battery wire. Our copper marine battery cables are flexible, which ensures that they will hold up against any jarring or bouncing movements of your boat. And since it will withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius, it will hold up against the sweltering temperatures in your hull. And when you purchase the 2 AWG marine battery cable, it is both UL approved and approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Why You Should Choose EWCS For Your Marine Battery Cables

At EWCS, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality products for all of your electric wire and cable needs, including your entire marine wiring installations. We have been providing customers with a large selection of specialty cables since 1994. All of our marine battery cables, including our 2 AWG marine battery cable is made in the United States to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards and uses the highest quality materials. You can count on our quality even further because all of our products have been listed by either UL or ETL testing laboratories. We are dedicated to not only providing you with the highest quality equipment, but with exceptional and fast customer service and shipping. Call us on our toll-free number at 800-262-1598 or contact us for more information.

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