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 Tender documents from the department, which has floated tender,Collecting them seems to be a minor step at first sight. But it is not so. Please check up following details from the tender notice before putting in your valued resources and efforts.

Collecting tender documents from the department,Guest Posting which has floated tender, seems to be a minor step at first sight. But it is not so. Please check up following details from the tender notice before putting in your valued resources and efforts.

Product Description

Even though the product seems to be the same as you are dealing with, it is valuable to recheck the description. If possible, check specifications if tender document is costly and available for pre inspection. It is possible that there are some minor differences in the specifications, which your product might not be in a position to fulfill.

Earnest Money

Please check this point very carefully. If the required earnest money is very high, you may not like to block that amount for a long time. Normally, you will receive the earnest money back within a stipulated time frame, if your tender is accepted, this amount may get converted in security deposit. However, if you feel that chances of your tender being accepted with high earnest way, you will save the cost of tender document and will be in a position to use the amount of earnest money for some other tender, where the chances of your tender being selected are comparatively high.

Time Limit for Execution of the Contract

Tender is required to complete the work/contract within a stipulated time frame. If tender is for product which is being imported by you. Please take all possible delays in account before committing yourself. If you are manufacturing the product, then availability of raw material as well as price fluctuations are also to be taken in to account. If tender is for a work contract or a project, check all the points like status and distance of the location of the project where it is to be executed, availability of manpower, transportation and accommodation etc. Non Availability of one or more than one factors like this may result in unforeseen delays and you may have to face penalty for it.

Documents Required for Collecting the Tender

Some times, tenderer is required to furnish documents like authorization from parent company or registration certificate. Please, verify the same from tender notice before deputizing your representative for collection of tender documents. Some tenders have eligibility criteria, and tenderer is required to furnish the proof of his/her eligibility at this stage.

Dates for Collection and Submission of Tender Documents

This is important if you are thinking of procuring tender documents through post and submitting them through courier or urgent mail service (UMS). Postal delays are normal and it is possible that you may not get documents in time. In above-mentioned case, you are looser hence take precautions. It is always advisable to procure and submit tender documents through your representative.

Tender Documents are not Transferable

If you are planning to submit documents in the name of your principal or your other firm, buy documents in their name only. As tender documents are not transferable to any other company.

How to get tender Information

There are many on line tender information providing websites .You can also visit this site for latest tender news and articles.So start tender business today and get lots of business possiblities in government sector.

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