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Groves Window Cleaning has recently become fully qualified in working at height: a level 2 NVQ qualificationnot held by many of our competitors.

What does working at height mean?Heights are,Guest Posting in a legal sense, considered to be any surface from which a fall might result in injury: this surface could be at, or below, ground level, but in the context of Groves Window Cleaning it is likely to be far higher. In order to work where we do – e.g. on the outside of an apartment block – and to complete our work to the highest possible standard, it is necessary to assess and eliminate risk of fall from height. Therefore, our personnel are well versed in the amended 'Work at Height Regulations 2005'. This enables our window cleaners to provide the best quality service for our clients, and to ensure adherence to all relevant legislation while window cleaning at height. 

What is involved in gaining this qualification?In order to be awarded the 'Working at Height' qualification, Groves window cleaning personnel must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of: 

  • The requirements of existing legislation, and the implications of new regulations
  • Safe working procedures for, and the criteria for selection of, all access equipment
  • Required risk assessment approaches and planning for working at height
  • Limitations of ladders and steps
  • Training requirements and levels of competency of personnel using access equipment
  • Duties placed upon designers and planners to ensure safe working at height

How does this qualification impact businesses, and how does this benefit our clients?By integrating these methods and regulations into everyday practice, Groves Window Cleaning can make certain that we as duty holders are implementing all precautionary methods, and managing all potential hazards. For example, 95% of our window cleaning is done using the innovative reach and wash system; water-fed poles with a reach of up to 65 feet. This not only ensures that our window cleaning service is as thorough as possible, but that risk to both our personnel and to the buildings and structures upon which we work is eliminated. When water-fed poles are not suitable, we have a team of experienced, IRATA trained abseilers who specialise in rope-access techniques, and who can be used internally or externally as needs suit without damage or disruption. Groves Window Cleaning will also carry out a full risk assessment - including visual or more rigorous inspections of all sites and equipment before work begins - and will prepare comprehensive method statements; this is all done completely free of charge, and we will always organise extensively, taking into consideration such variables as weather and unique structural features. This level of planning allows us to extend our window cleaning services to almost all buildings, and to cater to a wider variety of our clients needs.

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