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So the holiday decorations are down,Guest Posting confetti is vacuumed away, and it's time to take advantage of the New Year and give your business a fresh start.Be a speed demon or take it slow - this step-by-step approach to business organizing and decluttering will get your business in shape no matter how you roll!Money: Everyone would like to make more money (well, I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't:-)). So let's talk about three ways to do so.1.    Bring in more revenue. Take a new look at how you bring in money right now. Can you leverage that to make more? Are you using social media effectively? Could you use your core expertise with an industry partner?2.    Spend less. This is not the most popular way to get more money, but it can be very effective. Look at all your expenses and see what you're automatically paying for every month. I looked at some of my automatic payments for subscriptions and cancelled those I no longer use.3.    Barter. Rather than paying for every new thing you need, is there someone who provides what you need who could use your expertise in return? Bartering can save a ton of money. (Be sure to check tax implications.)Marketing: Anyone who wants business growth needs more customers.1.    Can you identify which marketing strategy has been most effective for you in 2012?2.    Could you do more of it in 2013?Customers1.    Who have been your most favorite (and lucrative) customers? Is there another way you can serve them?2.    Who have been your PIB customers? (PIB = pain-in-the-butt)3.    Does your marketing need to change to ensure you are attracting more of your favorites and less of the PIBs?Peeps1.    Who are your best colleagues/partners? What can you do to deepen your relationship with them?2.    Have you mapped complementary industries for possible additional referral sources?Focus on one area at a time, and choose one strategy that feels good for you and implement it completely. Then move on to another one.Want to know my first strategies?·    Money: I'm partnering with a financial coach to provide a more holistic solution for my clients.·    Marketing: I've developed an in-depth marketing blueprint so more people know the value I can bring.·    Customers: I've ended work with a few people who weren't my ideal clients. (decluttering;-))·    Peeps: I'm focusing on a YouTube strategy (focused on specific keywords) that includes highlighting potential joint venture partners.What will you do? Please tell us in the comments.Balli Jutt is a lifestyle balance expert who galvanizes countless people to work happy, love happy, and change the world (even with insanely busy lives.) She reaches readers internationally with her e-newsletter, and teaches people to make money, build super-strong relationships, and make a difference through her energetic training programs. Get more free strategies at  And

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