25 Top Internet Entrepreneurs Forbes List March 2013

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Below are the list of Internet Entrepreneurs that have became millionaire in a short time span and made it to the Forbes list. They have all tapped on the internet trend and made a fortune from their online businesses. How do they do it and what characteristics do they possess that makes them different from others?

The Enterprising Spirit 

When the internet era started,Guest Posting most people only have access from dial-up network. Many people were unsure of this new platform. It takes someone with guts, courage and belief to step into this literally unknown business market. They have a strong belief in their idea and were able to spot the possibilities with huge potential in their idea.


The beauty of the internet is that it reaches to the world. You can see from the list of people below they are made up of different ethnics, regardless of your language or race there are no boundaries to the people you can reach. Jack Ma founded Alibaba, connecting small-medium businesses worldwide to China suppliers which is now China's largest e-commerce firm.


Timing of entry does not matter, internet entrepreneurs tend to make things happen and do not let their limitations get in the way. Even when Friendster.com the social media was already in the market, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. He took social networking to another level, quickly taking over the market. 


It is not a smooth sailing path to success, most of theinternet entrepreneurs below have gone through failures and setbacks before making it big. They never gave up and continue trying until they are where they are today. Most of them eg Mark Cuban who setup many failed businesses before making it big with Broadcast.com.


After attaining success in their start-up, they continued to improve and innovate in their business. They focus on maintaining consistent results and continuous improvements, leading to increase of profit for the company. Among all internet entrepreneurs, these are the outstanding individuals who made it to Forbes list of top 25 internet entrepreneurs.


  1. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) $25.2 Billion
  2. Larry Page (Google) $23 Billion
  3. Sergey Brin (Google) $22.8 Billion
  4. Mark Zuckerberg (facebook)  $14 Billion
  5. Masayoshi Son (Softbank) $9.1 Billion
  6. Pierre Omidyar (Ebay) $8.7 Billion
  7. Eric Schmidt (Google) $8.2 Billion
  8. Robin Li (Baidu) $6.9 Billion
  9. Ma Huateng (Runs China’s most popular online chat service) $6.8 Billion
  10. Hiroshi Mikitani (Japan’s leading online shopping mall) $6.4 Billion
  11. Charles Schwab (Online investing to the masses) $4.7 Billion
  12. Dustin Moskovitz (Former Facebook) $3.8 Billion
  13. Jack Ma (Alibaba) $3.4 Billion
  14. William Ding (China’s second largest online gaming site) $3 Billion
  15. Shi Yuzhu (Giant Interactive) $2.9 Billion
  16. Andreas Von Bechtolsheim (Google Investor) $2.8 Billion
  17. Marc Benioff (SalesForce) $2.6 Billion
  18. Mark Cuban (Broadcast) $2.4 Billion
  19. Eduardo Saverin (Forfer Facebook) $2.2 Billion
  20. Yoshikazu Tanaka (Gree) $1.9 Billion
  21. Peter Thiel (Facebook Investor) $1.6 Billion
  22. David Filo (Yahoo!) $1.7 Billion
  23. Jerry Yang (Yahoo!) $1.5 Billion
  24. Steve Case (AOL) $1.4 Billion
  25. Todd Wargner (Broadcast) $1.2 Billion


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