5 Steps to Finding a New Job Without Leaving Your Desk

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The surge in online technology over recent years means that even tasks such as finding a new job from your desk is now easier than ever. With the right preparation finding your next job can even happen much quicker than you may think. In this article we present an easy 5 step action plan to help you find a new job in a shorter amount of time, without leaving your desk.

Step 1 – Get Your Resume in OrderEnsure your resume is up to date. Most employers don’t want to see pages and pages of your history going back to your primary school days. Cut out the fluff and put the information relevant to the type of job you are seeking. There are many websites online that provide excellent advice for building a successful resume.Step 2 – Online Job SearchUse your favourite online job search website to find available jobs in your chosen industry. Once you have created a job seeker profile on some advanced job seeking websites,Guest Posting such as brandnewjobs.com.au, the website will update you with job vacancies in your chosen areas as soon as they are listed. Step 3 – Research the EmployerResearch the company that is advertising the job vacancy. Take a look at their website and see what type of values they encourage and what type of people they already employ. Then you can adjust your application to that company to show you fit neatly within their structure. Even “borrow” a few words from them in your application. Just don’t go over the topStep 4 – Build Your Online ProfileMake sure that an employer searching your name online finds positive information. For starters you can make sure that your social media presence gives you a positive impression but there are a few other tricks too. Write and distribute some articles on your chosen industry so that when someone searches your name they find you contributing information online as an expert in your field. Be sure to make your articles are of a good standard of course.Step 5 – Apply & Follow UpGet your applications out there. Submit your applications online and be prepared to follow up your job applications. Even if you don’t get a job it is always a good idea to ask for some feedback. As well as leaving a good impression with the company (if you do apply there in the future), you will also be able to improve your chances of a successful application with the next employer.Finding a new job doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Follow some simple steps as outlined above and you can find your next job from your desk. To technically complete the job hunting process you might need to arrange your interview to be done by phone or webcam. Okay, that bit might be a bit out of your control but at least you can do all the groundwork of getting your next job from your desk.

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