Compelling Reasons To Join The Military: What's Right For You?

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All military branches have something to offer, so your biggest decision is which branch is right for you.

As a fresh high school or college graduate,Guest Posting have you thought of joining the Armed Forces? There are many reasons to join the military which can benefit the country as well as you and your future career. Do any of these commonly cited reasons match us with yours?

Reasons To Join The Military #1: Career Direction And Job Security

Do you have a clear idea of what you want to do in your career? Are you able to find a job? Though the civilian economy makes it hard on job seekers, the military is always hiring. Downsizing is rare. Even if you are not 100% sure what you want to do, the military offers placement tests and training. Although the military might place you where they need you in times of crisis, you have considerable discretion over your career and will likely pick up skills you can later use in civilian life.

Reasons To Joint The Military #2: Health Benefits

In the modern civilian economy, many jobs do not have healthcare benefits offered as part of your compensation package or may hold you responsible for a large part of the premium and co-pays. In the military, service members and their families are covered by Tricare Prime, a free program offered at local military treatment facilities. You can also use the program at civilian providers with a small deductible. Reservists and Guard members can continue their benefits through Tricare Reserve Select for a small monthly premium.

Reasons To Join The Military #3: Serving The Country

No matter what you do in life, giving back to others helps define you. Those who serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines help protect our country’s interests throughout the world. Once you decide which military branch to join, you will live out your commitment through service and will experience the personal growth that only comes from extending yourself to others. In the process, you will make lifelong friends based on the strong bonds you developed in the military.

Reasons To Join The Military #4: Educational Benefits

Finding money to complete your education is one of the great reasons to join the military. No matter what branch you select, the Armed Forces have tuition assistance programs to enable you to go to school for free while on active duty or go afterwards on the GI Bill. (You must sign up for this during your first year of service.) If you attend school on the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, you'll get full tuition, a monthly housing stipend, and a book allowance for each semester if your school meets the military's approved criteria.

Which Military Branch To Join

As you evaluate which military branch to join, you'll notice that most branches offer similar benefits both during and after your enlistment. Depending on whether you want to perform a service in or around land, sea, or air, one branch of the service might be a better fit for you than others.

If you are thinking of making the military a career, look for the branch that offers the most interesting career options for you. As you are deciding, make sure to use all the resources at your disposal, including the Internet and your local recruiter. Once you have signed up for a particular branch of service, you're committed so make sure to thoroughly check out all aspects of each branch before you enlist and sign the contract.

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