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Today social Media Jobs are being more popoulated in youth as social media is sole of today's youth. When an opportinity got by someone, so its nothing but dream for him.Here the article defines the opportunity of jobs in Facebook which is the world most popular social media.


Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow students Eduardo Saverin,Guest Posting Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Launched in February 2004 today it has more than 800 million active users.

Facebook jobs has suddenly become the most happening place to work among the social media jobs. Facebook recently opened an office at India. They are looking for dynamic people to hire that get excited by big questions and unsolved problems.

So for those aspiring for Facebook jobs let’s take a look at the career aspects of Facebook.

Facebook jobs are there in a number of different sectors:

  • Software Engineering - The development cycle at Facebook is extremely fast. It’s common to write code and have it running on the live site a few days later in contrast to other companies where code takes months or years to see the light of day. Thus dynamic software engineers are always in demand at Facebook.
  • Legal, Finance and Admin – As the might of the organization is increasing the demand for legal and financial experts specially those experienced in handling international issues is increasing.
  • Product Management – With so many products launched everyday there is a constant demand for product managers be it Email, Feed Quality, Growth/Engagement/Mobile, Insights and Measurement, Mobile, Platform or Site Integrity and Quality.
  • IT & Security – Technology is the motto at Facebook. Whether it’s providing tech support to an employee, analyzing Oracle applications, or searching for ways to optimize processes, it’s always knee deep in tech. Thus Facebook is always on lookout for Integration Engineers, Application Developer and Database Administrator.
  • Design & User Experience – Jobs in this sector include that of an Advertiser Researcher, Communication Designer, Product Design Manager, Web Writer, Mobile User Interface Engineer and many more.
  • Platform & Product Marketing – Facebook always tries to create great and innovative marketing strategies. For this reason it requires Measurement Solutions Analyst, Online Marketing Associate, Marketing Manager and Marketing Designer.
  • New Grads, Masters & PhD’s – It is not always the experienced that Facebook is looking for New Grads, Masters and PhDs in Software Engineering, Finance, Business Operations Associate, Operations Analyst, Online Sales Consultant and Security Engineering, who are ready to dive in, get to work, and have an immediate impact are also hired.
  • Interns – Internship at Facebook is more than just getting coffee and making copies. You get to learn more than what learned during your graduation. Internship at Facebook is more like a probation period before getting hired.

 Note:  These are not the only openings you can check out all their opening by logging into your Facebook account then go to page facebook.com/careers.

Perks at Facebook

  • It is this department in which Facebook clearly outruns all its competitors. Trust me if you are working at Facebook you are bound to save a lot in various department.
  • Health – To make your life easier, Facebook pays 100% of employee benefit premiums and 50% of any dependent premiums in the United States. This includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage, as well as the Employee Assistance Program. They also provide 50% reimbursement of most monthly gym fees, complying with local regulations in all non-U.S. locations.
  • Facebook Tax saving Plan – Facebook uses Fidelity’s NetBenefits to manage their retirement plan and provide you with the tools to make the most of your savings opportunity. They also provide Fidelity BrokerageLink and a self-directed brokerage account to give you expanded investment choices.
  • Food – This is one of their most awesome perk. Facebook provides micro kitchens and lots of great, free snacks at just about all its major worldwide locations. At their Palo Alto headquarters, they also offer free breakfast, lunch and dinner at their Cafe. Be it healthy salads, hearty world cuisine from countries such as Belize and India, or just a couple slices of pizza, it is always there for you.
  • Time off – Facebook offers 21 days of paid vacation to make sure you take a break once in a while and also unlimited sick day holiday. In all there are 11 paid holidays observed at Facebook.
  • Discounts – Facebook also has discounts from companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Apple & AT&T which with their employees along with a 50$ monthly transportation coupon.
  • Purple Tie Laundry – Purple Tie is another interesting perk that Facebook provides in which you can drop your laundry off at work and they return it right to your desk.
  • Paid Parental Leave and Baby Cash – Facebook offers all eligible full-time, U.S. employees up to 4 months of Paid Parental Leave to attend to the birth or adoptive placement of your child. While an employee is on Paid Parental Leave, Facebook will continue your health benefits, stock vesting, gym membership and Purple Tie as if you had continued to work full-time. Facebook also will provide $4,000 baby cash to all new custodial parents who are full-time U.S. employees at the time of birth or placement.
  • Day Care – All full time regular employees who have one or more children age 5 or under at any point during the calendar year (incurred after your start date) are eligible to be reimbursed for up to $3,000 toward day care/babysitting assistance per year.


Life at Facebook


No matter what part of Facebook you join, you’ll be building something big and new. You won’t simply be finding answers; you’ll be framing questions that no one has ever asked before – and identifying unprecedented opportunities.

No one can really describe the life at Facebook better than an employee so let’s hear it from Kristina Holst (B.Sc., computer science, Columbia) former employee at Google.

“I joined Facebook so that I could make a difference. As big as Facebook is in terms of users, it’s still small in terms of engineers. There’s so much to do here. The culture was founded on small teams working together, and people spend their time building awesome things instead of spinning their wheels.

When I started at Facebook in October 2007, it was about two weeks before the launch of our brand new ads system. As the newest member of the Ads team, it felt like trying to jump onto a moving train. I started to learn about all the different pieces, and I noticed that for every person I talked to, there was a whole new set of rules to learn about building their part of the codebase.

At the time, there were no more than 30 people in the company working on backend code, but it seemed that almost everybody had their own way of doing things. Some people used Make. Some people used SCons. Some people used Automake. Nobody knew how to build other people’s code. What a nightmare!

With the Ads team looking like they had the launch under control, I started shopping around the idea of creating a common build system. Some people I talked to were skeptical and said it would never work at Facebook. Others saw the potential. We spent the next few weeks designing, prototyping, and collecting feedback, and a few weeks after that we had a fully functional set of build tools custom made for Facebook (with native Thrift integration!).

Rolling out the tools was so much easier here than it would have been almost anywhere else. There’s not a lot of baggage hanging around from old systems that everyone’s been using for 10 years. We can figure out what’s the best way to do things going forward, and then go make that happen. What we accomplished is basically taken for granted now, and that’s a good thing.

By February I was back to working on the Ads team, where I wrote a new server to improve our ads quality on the site. The server takes advantage of all the statistics we have about an ad’s past performance to better predict who will like the ad best in the future. This may sound boring to some, but I love the fact that I’ve worked on something that clearly benefits both Facebook and our users at the same time.

Now I’m moving on to the next challenge — working on core infrastructure for Facebook’s next generation backend. This one will take more than just a couple of months, but I’m excited to think about all the new engineers that will be building on top of my code in the future, and what they’ll be able to do with it.”

How To Get Facebook Jobs

For those who are wondering how you can make it to Facebook, well it’s as simple as using Facebook. Just log in to your Facebook account and go to facebook.com/careers you can then browse for the job you are interested in category wise as well as location wise.

To make it simpler Facebook allows you to take an online aptitude test/programming challenge. Just look for it at the top of the screen on the page facebook.com/careers. You will then qualify for a telephonic interview and then a face to face interview and if all goes well you will make it into team Facebook.

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