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Feb 29


Kim Proulx

Kim Proulx

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Secrets to finding free resumes on Google


As all recruiters know,Google for Free Resumes Articles the Internet is an incredible resource for finding free resumes.  Unfortunately, it can be frustrating when you can’t quite create the right search string to find the candidates you need.  Then you pay the big bucks to large job boards and you can’t find candidates on there either.  You wrack your brain wondering: What am I doing wrong?

The key to finding the perfect candidate is figuring out all the key words you should use and creating an advanced search string.

Steps to Create the Perfect Google Search String to find free resumes

·        Write down the key skills the candidate should have.

·         Write down all possible titles the candidate could have had in previous jobs that would make him a good prospect for the position you’re filling.

·         Write down all job titles that are related to the job title you’re trying to fill.

·         Write down the location of the job.

Go to the Google search page.  Type in the following search string.

(filetype:doc OR filetype:wpd OR filetype:wps OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:rtf OR filetype:txt) AND (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) AND "current or previous job title" AND skill AND skill AND email AND 2007 AND city AND state OR State Abbreviation

In the field marked Current or Previous Job Title, type in a title that the candidate should have held prior to the position you’re filling.  You can type the word OR followed by another job title.  Put as many titles as you want, separated with the word OR. 

In the field marked Skill, type in any skills the candidate must have for the position.  You can put as many skills as you’d like, but if you make it too narrow you might miss out on some great candidates.

In the field marked Email, type in the word email.  This will pull up resumes that have the candidate’s contact information listed.

In the field marked 2007, type in the current year, if it’s fairly close to the previous year write down that date as well.  This will help weed out passive resumes, and pull the fresher resumes to the top of the list.  The date will either be listed as the date of a previous job or it will represent the date of the website copyright or the date when the web page was updated. 

Type the city and state, where the company is located, in those designated fields.  This will narrow the search to candidates in the local area.

This search string should help narrow your search to pulling up fresh resumes of candidates with only the skill sets that you require.  You will now be able to utilize Google’s substantial number of resumes in a more efficient way for your recruitment needs.

If Google can’t supply you with enough good resumes, you can check out to find out more about their lists of over 500 free resume and job posting sites. 

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