Importance of IT graduate training schemes

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Importance of IT graduate training schemes

The British Computer Society (BCS) believes The United Kingdom is falling behind its global competitors to persuade young people to study computer science or pursue a career in the IT field. It has in fact been considered that the problem starts with the way young children are introduced to IT in schools. BCS chief executive David Clarke said,Guest Posting "Our academic membership including nearly all the heads of computer science at UK universities, is predicting that the growing demand for skilled IT professionals will be frustrated by a 25% shortfall of computer science graduates by 2009."

Due to this predicament IT graduate training schemes are an excellent way for graduates to jump start their career as they provide hands-on experience to those entering the graduate IT jobs market. Aside from this both parties will be winners as the IT graduate will secure a job and the company will have the graduates knowledge and enthusiasm to assist in driving their IT department. As a result IT graduate training schemes offer great future prospects which is why organisations are pushing so hard to recruit IT graduates for their IT department.

IT graduate training schemes take various formats depending on the employer. Usually companies allow IT graduates to experience many aspects of both the role and the company which makes it a challenging time for the IT graduate. IT graduate training schemes generally last one year, although this can be longer depending on the employers programme. Schemes are often split into a practical part known better as "on-the-job" and training programmes.

Due to the increasing interest in IT graduate training schemes, employers set minimum requirements to qualify for entry. These will often follow set criteria like academic record and a 2:1 degree or higher.

An IT graduate training scheme will often entail the following:

  • Introduction to the organisation including its structure and culture;
  • Work place skills including project management, people management and problem solving are cover during the graduate it jobs training schemes and are often followed by an assessment;
  • A mentor will be assigned to offer valuable advice on an ongoing basis. This advice will focus on the graduates career goals and how best to achieve these;
  • Sometimes a buddy is assigned who will share experience and thoughts and support if needed;
  • Once the IT graduate jobs scheme is completed the organisation will find the most suitable IT graduate job that both you and the organisation feel comfortable with.

As an IT graduate there are several benefits when taking part in IT graduate jobs schemes:

  • Training, development and support;
  • Fast track to more responsibility and higher positions within an organisation;
  • Contacts and business relations made during training;
  • Excellent start of your IT career;
  • Experience of issues faced in all departments of an organisation;

All in all it can be said that IT graduate jobs training schemes offer a great opportunity for IT graduates to develop their skills and knowledge in a real-time IT field.

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