Information on X Ray technician salary

Feb 4


Anup Kanwar

Anup Kanwar

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X ray technicians demand is increasing every year . Their salary is well appreciable and x ray technician schools are located all over the country . Schools provide quality education to students and award them with degree on completion of course .



These days ,Information on X Ray technician salary Articles there is an increasing demand of X-Ray technicians in Hospitals,Dental and medical practices and also in diagnostic imaging centers . These technicians are an important part of medical team and their main function is to work with patients in taking X-Ray tests . The reports of these tests are then later given to Doctors and Dentists .


X-Ray technicians are also known by the name Radiologic technicians or Radiology technicians . They work with Doctors in their office , laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers . They prepare x-Ray films which are used in medical diagnosis after conducting the X-Ray tests .

After a X-Ray technician gets experienced after working for years , he or she may form expertise in particular diagnostic imaging practices which include Mammography , MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) , CAT(Computed Tomography) .


Usually,programs for X-Ray technicans take 1 to 4 years of time . After this one may be awarded a certificate, associate degree or bachelor degree .For those professionals who have been associated with health industry for some time and want to change their line of career or want to increase their medical knowledge , there is a One-year program available for them . And for those who want to advance into supervisory or administrative position in health-care industry , Bachelor-level programs are available .

Among the most commonly opted programs , Two-year associate degree radio logic technologist tops the list while Voluntary certification through the American Registry Technologists , also called ARRT comes second . A student must complete accredited program and pass the the certificate exam to be eligible for certification .

In U.S , there are 40 states where one needs license to work as an X-Ray technician and 35 states which require ARRT exam to be cleared for state license .
A X-Ray technician needs to clear 24 continuing education credits within a period of two years , if they want to maintain their certification .


By 2016 , there will be an increase in demand of X-Ray technicians by 15% . Such a rate of growth is higher compared to other industries . As there is an increase in outpatient care , the employment opportunities for radiology technicians will increase outside hospitals . The familiarity of technicians with wide ranging imaging techniques adds to an advantage for them .Their careers are less prone to recession as they are part of health care industry .


The salary of X-Ray technicians depends upon various factors . These factors include geographical location , specialization , experience and also the institution they are working with . The average salary of X-Ray technician varies from $45,000 to $49,500 .
X-RAY TECHNICIAN ONLINE :Florida Hospital college in health sciences
By joining the x-ray technician course online , we can do the entire x-ray technician course at home. The course designed is affordable, flexible and very convenient .

X ray technician schools :

X ray technician schools are established through out the country  . These schools give quality education to students . Training is given to students by well trained teachers and on completion of course , students are awarded with certificates .

X ray technician schools in California :Kaplan college
Kaplan college provide program for x ray technician that help you become x ray technician . During this course all the necessary education is provided to students to perform x ray of different parts of body .

X ray technician school in Minnesota : Argosy University
Argosy University provides you with a course that also involves six-month training program in clinic . This entire program lasts for 24 to 36 months .

X ray technician schools in Florida: ATI Career Training center
In addition to internship in clinic , this institute also provide the best education possible to students to help them become x ray technician .

X ray technician school in Georgia , X ray technician school in Ohio , X ray technician school in Texas: Sanford-Brown College
The training provided in this institute helps students to perform x ray of different parts of body .

X ray technician school in Arizona: Apollo college
This college provide expert training to students to perform x ray of body . The program lasts for about 12 to 16 months .

X ray technician is a great career option for students looking for bright and promising career . X ray technicians are well respected individuals of Health industry because of their skills and importance .