Is data science in demand 2021?

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Data science demand in increasing day by day. It is a very good career for the future. Let us explore some aspects of this demand for data science.

Data science is a very dynamic and exciting field for any professional who is thinking of starting a career in it and has a technical background that will help him do it. It is a very rapidly expanding field and is growing more and more dominant in every sector and industry of the corporate world.

Businesses and organizations are fast realizing the multifarious benefits of data science and are trying to adapt it to a greater and greater extent with every passing day. They are trying to apply data science to every operation and project which they can. So the question that “Is data science in demand in 2021?” is becoming redundant very fast.

Data scientists themselves are finding more and more applications of data science in all the fields,Guest Posting sectors, and industries of the world with every passing day, and their innovations, discoveries, developments, and advances are making data science the most compelling field in the domain of computer science and information technology.

So data science is very much in demand in 2021 and this demand will only keep on growing with time. Let us explore some aspects of this demand for data science.

Is data science a good career for the future?

Data science is a very good career for the future. This is so because of several reasons. These reasons are discussed in the data science course. The first reason is that there is a huge shortage of skilled and competent data scientists in the field right now.

The demand for data science is growing more and more but the professional world at large has not yet caught up with this emerging trend. They have not yet started to take advantage of this growing demand for data science and the growing number of job vacancies in the field of data science.

As a result, there are not enough skilled and competent data science professionals to meet the requirements of all the businesses and organizations who are seeking to fill their data science positions.

So if any individual gets a data science certification and starts to apply to all of these widespread data science vacancies, he is sure to find employment very quickly. With the credentials of the data science, certification hiring managers will give him first preference over all the other candidates. So there is no need to ask the question - “Is data science a good career for the future?”

The second reason is that data science is predicted to become the largest and most high-value field out of all the fields in the domain of computer science and information technology. The miscellaneous industry analysts and market pundits have made very positive predictions about the growth of data science.

It is expected to create more than 20 million jobs in the next 5 years in India alone and the valuation of the field as a whole is expected to double in the next decade. This means that this multibillion-dollar industry will reach even more gigantic proportions in terms of value.

So it will be very beneficial for any professional to jump on this bandwagon while it is still in its early stages and reap the benefits of this meteoric growth.

There are several visualizations of the growth forecast of the field of data science available online and the learner can look at some of them to gain confidence in the lucrative and profitable nature of this field.

What is the future of data science jobs?

In order to answer this question - “What is the future of data science jobs?” first let us take a look at what are the careers available in this field.

1. Data Scientist
Average Salary: $139,840

2. Machine Learning Engineer
Average Salary: $114,826

3. Machine Learning Scientist
Average Salary: $114,121

4. Applications Architect
Average Salary: $113,757

5. Enterprise Architect
Average Salary: $110,663

6. Data Architect
Average Salary: $108,278

7. Infrastructure Architect
Average Salary: $107,309

8. Data Engineer
Average Salary: $102,864

9. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
Average Salary: $81,514

10. Statistician
Average Salary: $76,884

11. Data Analyst
Average Salary: $62, 453

From the above list, we can see that the available career roles in the field of data science are very diverse in variety and carry very high salary packages. In fact, data science jobs carry the highest salary packages out of any field in the domain of computer science and information technology.

Although it is not mentioned in the above list the pay scale and the promotions are also the most lucrative in the field of data science. Promotions come very often in the field of data science and one does not require much experience to reach a very high pay scale.

This is because of the nature of the field of data science. Once an individual has worked on and completed a few projects he learns most of the tools and knowledge which are required to function in the field of data science. After that, it is just a matter of acquiring and gathering domain-specific knowledge to be able to work in various sectors and industries.

So data science jobs have a very bright future and in the future, we can expect to see more and more professionals apply for these jobs.

Things people don’t know before entering data science -

There are many things people don’t know before entering data science. Or they have a wrong notion or misconception about how things work in data science. These misconceptions are discussed in detail in the Post Graduate Program in Data Science.

The most important of those things is that data science in academia and data science in business are two different things.

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