Job responsibilities of logistics manager & salary details

Nov 18


Supriya Nigam

Supriya Nigam

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Learn the details about Logistic manager job duties and responsibilities. Also, an average salary of distribution manager as per the industry norms.


Distribution Manager is also known as logistic manager oversee the transportation and distribution of goods from the producer or manufacturer to the consumer,Job responsibilities of logistics manager & salary details Articles and everything in between including, shipment, allocation, acquisition, and distribution. Logisticians are a significant factor in the active function of a business that provides products to its clients.

They are the employees involved in tracking and coordinating the movement of materials or goods, along a supply chain. In business, this includes three primary duties:

  1. Procuring raw goods
  2. Liaising with manufacturer
  3. Supervising the shipment of end-product to retailers and consumers.

However, for other non-business organizations like – NGO (non-profit organizations) and Military, this may involve handling the movement of equipment or people.

Job responsibilities of logistics manager

  1. Allocating resources

A manager must efficiently allocate and apportion his or her resources, in keeping with her or his tracking of a firm's inventory. The allocation of resources must be in such manner that maximizes the completion of both future and current goals. This needed the distribution manager to keep reviewed of the central objective of an organization.

  1. Inventory

It is imperative for a logistician to know what he or she has, before taking a decision on how to ship a material. The manager not only required to anticipate the future needs of an organization, simultaneously responsible for keeping a track of the available inventory of an organization.

It is logistician's responsibility to order more, if the enterprise is low on particular material.

  1. Scheduling deliveries

The Logistic manager also needs to oversee that all the parties in addition to the supply chain are ready to receive and ship their materials at the designated time and date. This job responsibility includes making sure that all parties are on schedule and, if not, must ready with an alternate plan.

  1. Supervision of staff

There is some administrative personnel that works under distribution manager. This additionally requires a manager to train his or her staff properly, set clear objectives, monitor their performance and ensure that they are conforming to all required safety regulations and laws.

  1. Negotiating with carriers

Most non-business organizations have their transportation system; most will be forced to outsource independent carrier services. The manager is required to coordinate with carriers for the shipping of goods and people, including negotiating the best rate for carriers.

  1. Maintenance and repairs

The manager also ensures the safe and decisive move of materials and property, hence the inventory reach to the destination in good condition. This includes making sure shipped material will not damage in any possible manner and if the equipment is broken, restoring it.

  1. Efficiency and cost-cutting

The distribution manager should always think for the betterment of an organization and looks for opportunities to increase efficiency and save money through the use of specific services or methods, for instance, low-cost carriers.

Salary of Logistic Manager in India

The average salary of a Distribution Manager in India is somewhere around 578, 306 INR.

  • The average basic salary is between 237, 703 INR and 1, 385, 753 INR
  • The bonus varies between 1, 980 INR and 198, 366 INR
  • Profit sharing varies between 00. 00 INR and 760, 256 INR
  • Commission is 14.51

Total salary of Logistic manager varies between 242, 483 INR and 1, 572, 451 INR