Nav Chetna Public School: A New Dawn In Education System

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It is quite a bold step that the Government of India has taken by implementing free and compulsory education for the children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.

That means the Government has ensured basic and elementary education for children right up to class VIII. Even after that a question often arises that is it sufficient enough for a student to have education only till class VIII? Many educationists and scholars are now raising their voice to make this education free and compulsory up to the senior secondary level,Guest Posting so that even the poor and socially backward classes can take advantage of that.

Though the western countries have also begun acknowledging the high standards of the Indian education system, it has some serious loopholes. Firstly, it has been noticed that the elite section is mostly benefited by this system. The metropolitan cities have all the well equipped educational facilities. No wonder why so many students run to those cities for higher education. Secondly, people raise questions about the authenticity of the RTE Act. In most of the villages it has been noticed that the teachers don’t reach the schools on time. The students also join the schools in those villages just for name sake and are not very serious about studying. Thus the basic responsibility of education is lost somewhere.

To overcome all these loopholes, many private schools and educational institutions have come forward. Nav Chetna Public School in Najafgarh, Delhi, is one such institute that has proved its worth to be called one of the best schools in Najafgarh. The school works towards the holistic development of its students. The mental, physical, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of a student’s life are being taken care of by the school.The first few years of a student’s life is the most crucial time, so the school takes special care of its nursery students. The school offers a healthy environment to its students so that they can grow and explore the world creatively.

To prepare the students for the competitive world of ours, Nav Chetna Public School adopts new and improved methodologies. The students are provided with recreation facilities to make study an interesting part of life. With state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, the school gives full freedom to its students to explore the world in a new light. Moreover, the students are encouraged to take part in various activities like song, dance, drama, sports and debate and discussions. The school has a special forum for the parents where they can discuss about the students with the teachers and also can share their views for the rapid growth of each student.

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