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The salary of licensed practical nurses can vary from state to state and from one type of medical facility to another. You can search for state-specific practical nursing pay-scale using information online. The discussion below can help you start your search.

A licensed practical nurse works in various healthcare settings to assist the physicians and take care of sick,Guest Posting injured and disabled patients. The jobs for licensed practical nurses can be found at hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, public health departments, community healthcare facility and clinics. A number of colleges in the country offer accredited practical nursing programs, varying from 9 months to 3 years in duration.

One of the important concerns while choosing the career as licensed practical nurse is to know about the salary standards followed in the industry. Keep on reading to obtain information in this direction.

Starting Hourly Rate

A licensed practical nurse has the average starting hourly rate of up to $18. It should be noted that the licensed practical nurses are different from the registered nurses and thus, have different earning standards.

On the basis of years of experience, the average hourly earning rate for a licensed practical nurse keeps on increasing. For example, a licensed practical nurse with one year of experience can earn up to $16 per hour. The nurses with work experience between 1-4 years can earn from $17 to $18 per hour. For those having higher work experience can expect the hourly earning arte of more than $19.

Salary Range

Talking about the salary range for a licenses practical nurse, it lies between $32,000 and $40,000. The state of working plays a significant role in deciding the average annual salary for a licensed practical nurse. The states like California , Massachusetts , Nevada , Washington and Connecticut have higher cost of living and thus, offer higher average salary for licensed practical nurses. In some of these states, the average salary can cross the figure of $40,000.

The type of medical facility can also affect the practical nursing salary . Learn about the job descriptions and the duties and responsibilities for the licensed practical nursing profile at various medical facilities to choose the best one.

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