Problems Faced by Employers When Hiring Freshers

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When you hire a freshers, employers many face many problem because they are new to this industries and have not any knowledge about the industries. so employers need to train them accourding to the work. Here are the list of some of the problem facing by the company when hiring fresher candidates. 

Recruitment has become a complex and costly phenomenon. With an intensified competition all around,Guest Posting it has become crucial important for companies to hire a correct candidate. And when it comes to hiring a fresher, there are numerous problems encountered by hiring companies.

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  1. Lack of practical skills

While the grade sheets of fresh graduates might seem excellent, there exist no validation that these same graduates possess the technical skills of implementing that knowledge. There is a huge gap between demands of a workplace and education system adopted by colleges and universities. Hence, a huge cost in involved when an organization makes a decision of hiring freshers. It is however a huge advantage for a firm to hire a fresher as these young graduates bring in their fresh and unfiltered perspective at workplace.

  1. Lack of patience

It is hardest for these fresh graduates to transform from their cocooned college life to organized workplace. And while these graduates promise vivacious and dynamic energy throughout, they have lack of patience when it comes to results. These young people are always in a hurry to climb the success ladder and their lack of adequate skills makes it difficult for organizations to hire freshers.

  1. Improper resume

One of the most common problem encountered by hiring managers while scrutinizing the profiles of freshers is their inefficient resume. With poor designing and chaotic description, majority of the resumes by freshers end up in a bin. Besides, these fresh graduates fill in wrong and inessential information in their resumes, which is completely wrong while applying for a job. Hence, the process of selecting suitable candidates from a large pool of resumes becomes a gruesome task for hiring firms.

  1. Attitude problems

These freshers have never had an experience of working in an organization or a professional work settings. Hence, in their rather cheerful life they never encountered an issue of working under someone’s guidance. Thus, while hiring a fresher graduate the most strenuous point for hiring manager would be the lack of compatibility in these candidates. After all, a wrong hire could disrupt the atmosphere at work place.

  1. Monetary incentive

The cost of hiring a fresher is almost similar to that of hiring a candidate with an experience of year or two. Thus, hiring managers sway from the decision of hiring freshers as they could easily avail individuals with experience at similar cost. This would save the employer from all the additional cost of training and transitioning.

However, the problems faced by hiring managers are negligible when compared to the benefits bought in by a fresh college graduate. The gen Z or the millennial are more adaptable to changes than any other age groups. They are filled with enthusiasm and possess positive outlook towards life.

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