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A well search engine optimised website can bring a huge amount of enquiries and sales to your business.  Many people are missing out on a lot of profit by not using their website to its full potential.If you are in  sales jobs,Guest Posting or your own business in the modern environment, then the chances of you having a website are pretty strong.  As there is no doubt that a website can help you sell your products or services, it surprises me how few companies use their website to its full potential.  By simply using their website as an information or reference source, they are missing out on a huge potential.  A reference website is highly unlikely to become profitable.  What is really needed is search engine optimisation, also known as SEO.What is search engine optimisation? Well it basically describes the methods used to gain a high ranking in the search engines for your chosen phrases. Your phrases should describe the products that you sell, for example if you sell kitchens, then you should target that area and not rely on people searching for your company name.  For example, search for kitchens in Google and have a look at the page titles being presented to you: I see phrases like Kitchens, Fitted Kitchens, Discount Kitchens, bespoke kitchens and even small kitchens.  If you were looking for these, would you type in a phrase like this to search? Or for a company name?  Many people would type in these key phrases and in an ideal world, your website would be ranked highly for the searches that are applicable.The beauty of the Internet is that it's a great leveler and can present your business to a much broader market than you had previously imagined.  For example you could run a relatively small local business specialising in small kitchens.  A decent website optimised for the phrase "small kitchens" could bring a huge amount of new enquiries and sales.  You can in theory compete with much bigger firms and become more profitable with a well optimised website.If you do not know a lot about Search Engine Optimisation, then you needn't worry as you can learn it relatively easily. A few basic steps that are widely available online will point you in the right direction.  Type in phrases like "search engine optimisation help" or "SEO tips" and you will find a huge amount of articles.  Join a few forums specialising in the subject, you will be amazed at how helpful the community is.  Alternatively you could hire a firm that claims to be experts in the field, but this could prove to be expensive, even with your increase in sales.With a bit of patience and understanding, don't worry you will learn to understand it and improve your technique in a relatively short space of time, you can increase your sales.  If you are a small business, perhaps a t-shirt outlet with minimal running costs, you could compete with much bigger stores with running costs that could dwarf yours.  If your website appears above theirs for your chosen products, who do you think will make more sales?  It won't be them and your profit margin will look a lot healthier than theirs.Good Luck

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