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Free Internet phones enable you to make no-charge long distance calls in return for watching advertisements the phone provider may run on the service. 

The VOIP technology possesses many salient features which have attracted a large section of people towards itself. There are many value added services offered by the various VOIP service providers. For example,Guest Posting there is voice mail facility, 3-way conference, speed dialing, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, call waiting, caller ID, call return, caller ID block, anonymous call rejection, an interesting feature of do not disturb, and last number dial. All these services are mostly free of cost in their basic service plan. The use of Voice over Internet Protocol in order to communicate is a newer development that is impacting both home and business life. It is generally a pretty simple technology to use without the need to implement formal VoIP training. Broadband is a high speed Internet connection usually provided by cable TV, DSL, or dedicated telecom lines. Broadband phone service (VOIP), requires this type of connection. Broadband speeds are generally described in two parts: download speed and upload speed and are expressed. 
Calling anywhere on Earth for three or four rupees a minute 1€ at most, is a pretty darn good idea, and one that's catching on big time.  Free calls. VoIP, in layman's terms is the use of certain hardware and software that makes you call up any other person on this planet. Thereafter, you only need a good headset to have a chat and assuming of course, that you have a multimedia PC and not a BBC micro.
Another way is Skype. Skype is a free software for Internet phoning. It's so simple that even technophobia can't be an excuse. Check out whether your computer has Windows 2000 or XP, 400 MHz or a more powerful processor, 126 MB or more RAM, a sound card, speakers and microphones and atleast 33.6 kbps dial-up-modem connection. A broadband connection is best. Voip providers. Make sure your hard drive has atleast 15MB space to download Skype. If the above is Greek to you, just ask any geek to check out your system parameters.
The flip side is, if you are calling Skype-to-Skype, the called party will have to be online and pretty near the computer. Voip review.  Similarly, if a Skype-contact calls you and you are offline or online but missing about in the other room, you'll miss the call. In exploring strategies for success in the developing environment, it is essential to recognize a fact that is often overlooked: The Internet is fundamentally a new communications vehicle.
The Web makes it possible for companies both large and small to develop new communications processes that save time and money while enabling faster responses to customer needs.

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