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Global Value Connect ( ... ) ... to witness an erosion in the cost of T1 service despite the fact that many pundits ... the end of price erosion for T1 ...

Global Value Connect ( http://globalvalueconnect.com ) continues to witness an erosion in the cost of T1 service despite the fact that many pundits predicted the end of price erosion for T1 bandwidth more than a year ago. T1 service providers are still experiencing severe price competition and are more than willing to reduce their pricing in an effort to fill their pipes and turn a profit. As recently as only a few years ago,Guest Posting the price of a T1 line was out of reach of many businesses, but these days a T1 line has become very price-aggressive, with prices that are very affordable and cost effective even for a small business.

Many companies and individuals that entered into T1 service agreements 2-years ago may be spending much more and receiving less bandwidth then they could purchase today. And if they have had a T1 line for more than 3-years there is an extremely strong possibility and likelihood that they are paying too much for it.

A good example of this is a customer that had a fractional T1 line (384k) that he purchased several years ago and was paying $900 per month. Needless to say he was more than pleased when we were able to quadruple his bandwidth with a full T1 line and reduce his monthly cost by 30%.

Global Value Connect is pleased to announce that shopping for T1 has never been easier. Using ShopforT1 you can now obtain T1 price comparisons quickly and easily through our patent pending real-time unbiased online quote engine called GeoQuote. After answering a few simple questions a member of our sales team will then follow up with you to discuss the details of your T1 connection, confirm pricing and assist you with the signup process.

To get comparison pricing for your T1 service or fractional T1 service go to our web site and click on our link for "T1 Dedicated" or copy and paste the following url into your browser ( http://globalvalueconnect.com/Shop4T1.htm ).

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