How to choose the perfect 2 way SMS provider in Dubai?

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Find out the 5 prominent parameters that you should ascertain whilst analyzing 2 way SMS providers. Clear-cut explanation on various parameters is provided so as to ensure a better understanding.

Choosing the perfect 2 way SMS provider in Dubai might be a daunting exercise given the crowded number of players in this domain. However,Guest Posting your job becomes easy when you are very much aware of the parameters that need to be looked into whilst analyzing the providers.

  • Check the recipient data base

The crucial factor to be noted whilst zeroing in on the 2 way SMS provider is the recipient database. Go the extra mile to identify the nature of recipient data base. It is extremely critical to ascertain the validity of the database, whether it is newly updated or an old one. Furthermore, get to know if the SMS service provider has verified the authenticity of the data base by establishing contact with them. Your SMS campaign is bound to be successful only if the database to which the promotional messages are triggered is up-to-date.

  • Database filtering option

It's just not recommended to trigger the message to the entire database. It is better to extract maximum details from the 2 way SMS provider about the filter options that are being offered as part of the service. Here is what you should check in detail.

  1. Find out the if the recipient database is relevant to your industry vertical.
  2. The option to filter the recipient database based on age, income and other parameters.
  3. The option to segment the database according to varied preferences.

Solicit comprehensive details about the filtering option and other benefits that the service provider offers. Database filtering option is of utmost importance as you won't be sending messages to the whole of the recipient list. As such, the service provider should offer scope to segment the database according to clients' preference so that objective of messaging becomes personalized and the end goals are met.

  • Network coverage of the SMS service provider

Take into account the network coverage capabilities of the service provider. The objective of a 2 way SMS campaign is to ensure that the message reaches the inbox of the target audience instantly thereby prompting a revert. To realize this objective, a sound network coverage is a must. You need to verify whether your 2 way SMS provider deliver messages to the targeted countries or mobile operators listed in the SMS application. There would be instances when the SMS messages would be routed through other SMS gateway providers rather by themselves. Such scenarios should be briefly examined. You can check the efficiency of the network coverage by utilizing the free SMS messages offered by the SMS providers at the initial stage.

  • Ascertain the cost to send one SMS message

Cost generally varies with SMS service provider. Generally, payment for the SMS service is calculated based on credit and SMS. Companies can purchase a particular number of credits from the SMS gateway provider. Credits exhausted depends on the country to which the message is triggered. The cost varies with countries. Sending SMS message to one country might cost you one credit, whereas to another country it might cost you two or three credits.

The other option is to purchase a particular number of SMS from the gateway provider. The cost to trigger a single SMS is almost the same for all countries.

  • Check the support service

Identify the expertise level of the 2 way SMS provider, and their ability in troubleshooting skills. Most specifically, get to know their understanding of the compatibility issues that arises in varied mobile network operators. At any given point of time, team members should be in a position to reply the queries and resolve the technical issue with perfection. 

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