Mobile Phone Accessories Market is Growing Faster Everyday

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Mobile Phone Accessories Market is Growing Faster Everyday


Recent statistics show that the Mobile Phone accessories market is growing larger every day.  In fact the mobile phone accessories market has grown even more than the Mobile Phone Market. The general trend around the world is that most people buy a mobile phone and they use it for 1-3 years before they change it.  Thus the mobile phone sector is growing at an arithmetic rate instead of an exponential rate.  However the mobile accessories sector is growing at an exponential rate due to the fact that these Accessories are very cheap and many people buy several accessories each year for their phones. 


One reason that accessories are so cheap is because of the fact that they are mostly made in China.  Thus for just a couple of dollars,Guest Posting you can find variety of accessories ranging from phone covers to Bluetooth devices.  This way, many people can buy new phone covers, Bluetooth headsets, new chargers, new batteries, new stereo headsets etc.  So even though the consumer doesn’t change the phone, the consumer is able to use different accessories with their phones.


With the phone accessories, the most popular one seems to be the Bluetooth headsets. Many people like to be able to use their phone, without holding it or without taking it out of its case. In fact, a recent study by the Duke University shows that using your cell phone close to your head during the first initial few seconds of the call can increase your cranial temperature.  Hence, if you have a Bluetooth headset, you can keep your cell phone safely in your pocket and you could speak more safely.  Also another popular accessory is the car GSM set.  In many countries around the world, it is against the law to use your cell phone while you are driving.  Thus, with a portable GSM Phone Car Set, you can use your cell phone hands free with this accessory. It functions similar to the Bluetooth Accessory Headset, as it allows you to speak and listen to the conversation through your cars stereo system.


Of course, more simple accessories such as the desktop charger sets or extra batteries are selling in huge quantities.  These are relatively very cheap products and many people just use them for convenience. But even the most avid consumer would definitely buy at least two different phone covers during the life time of the phone.  Hence the sector continues to grow unimpeded every day with billions of dollars of phone accessories in the market waiting for their buyers.



Ziv Ismirly working with cellural phones for over 15 years. It has been a fun industry to be in. Changes on a daily basis - new phones, new functions, camera, better camera, video, sms, WiFi. Having a great time while keeping up with the cellural phone industry.


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Ziv Ismirly

Ziv Ismirly working with cellural phones for over 15 years.

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