Nov 25


Ram Ji

Ram Ji

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Language is a very powerful tool of communication. It helps us to connect with others, sharing our ideas and thoughts.

The power of language and thereby communication enables international trade and commerce and helps forge international relations. To understand a person,SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION PLAYS A CRUCIAL ROLE IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Articles it is vital to understand his / her language. While every individual is well versed with his mother tongue, to understand a foreign language is not an easy task. At individual level, we can manage the situation by learning a few main words of a language and take help from the dictionary, but at Business, Medical, International Conferences, this trick does not work.

Perfect understanding among the delegates attending the International conference with the Speaker with the help of the simultaneous interpreter will hold the key. The role of simultaneous interpreter is very crucial.

Simultaneous Interpretation plays a vital role in the success / failure of any International conference. An international conference could be of 50 to 200 delegates, depending on the number of invitees / size of conference. Even though English  is the most common language used ,there are other equally prominent languages like French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Urdu, Dutch, German, Hindi etc. to name a few. If the Chinese Government is holding an International Conference on the subject of population control or Germans are presenting a Medical Research paper on the Control of Cancer, the conference would most likely be in Chinese or German. For delegates of other countries to understand the substance of the conference is very crucial because these are the welfare topics which will affect the population of their respective countries.

Simultaneous Interpretation plays a crucial role in any international conference. The role that a simultaneous interpreter plays is as outlined below:-

Speaker delivers his message / speech in his source language / mother tongue. He is quite comfortable and does full justice to his lecture / speech / message.

There are about 150 delegates who do not understand the language of the speaker.

Simultaneous Interpreter translates the speech in the target language for the delegates.

The question and answer session, which is usually at the end of the conference is also ably handled by the simultaneous Interpreter.

Simultaneous Interpretation enhances the outcome of any International conference. End result is satisfactory for all. The purpose of the conference is achieved, since good amount of knowledge is transferred from speakers to the delegates, discussions among delegates with different speakers, help to raise the efficiency bar / level of the conference.

Every speaker likes to complete his lecture without any break. He likes to maintain continuity of thought. Simultaneous Interpretation achieves this purpose, thus saving lot of time and also improving the quality of lecture.

Simultaneous Interpretation helps in bringing down the level of expenditure by nearly 50%.Saving of expenditure can be substantial.

Finally, the success of any International Conference, to a certain extent depends upon the quality and competence of the Simultaneous Interpreter.