Sony Ericsson C905 - an actual winner from Sony Ericsson

Dec 17


Faith Hill

Faith Hill

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The display capability is beautified with the support of various wallpapers and screensavers and the animated wallpapers have also been provided to cope up with the latest trends. The 160 mega bytes of phone memory enable the customers to store the huge important data in the memory. The battery life of the handset is commendable offering the total talk time of nine hours with the standby period of 396 hours.


Packed with advanced and sophisticated features,Sony Ericsson C905 - an actual winner from Sony Ericsson Articles Sony Ericsson C905 silver has more than you desire from your handset. The integrated camera with cyber shot, video player, Bluetooth technology, 3D games, internet browsing, organizer and huge memory capacity are some of the main features of the handset.

Camera specifications

Sony Ericsson C905 silver is equipped with an integrated camera containing tons of options for enhancing the picture quality. The various options supported by the mobile phone are listed below

Digital zooming for having close view of the location.
Auto focus for a clear shot
Geo tagging for adding the necessary information
Face detection facility for the close ups.
Xenon Flash
Video record facility to record the astonishing instance of life
Video stabilizer
Video blogging facility for adding the motion pictures to the blog.
Smart Contrast for automatic balancing the color contrast.
Picture blogging
Photo fix
Photo light facility in case of duller background.

A good entertainment tool

Sony Ericsson C905 silver shows its liability to entertain the users with the introduction of 3D games. The Java based applications have also been supported to download the games from the internet. An inbuilt FM radio is also equipped in the handset offering the users to log onto the different stations to enjoy the music tracks and also the users are kept updated with the recent affairs happening around.

Connectivity and internet browsing

Bluetooth technology ensures the fast connectivity and the other options provided for the swift connectivity and for easy interaction are modem, DLNA, goggle maps, A built in GPS for navigation, way finder navigation, USB support and Wi-Fi for fast connectivity. The browser provided for surfing the internet is Access Net front.

Messaging service

This handset is equipped with strong message features offering instant messaging, SMS with extended word limits, MMS, sound recording and predictive text input.

Sony Ericsson has come up with a winner in, Sony Ericsson C905. The phone has amazing features like, a 2 mega pixel camera with a 16 x digital zoom. There also is a LED flash and a CIF camera at the front. The CIF camera has a 2 x digital zoom. These two cameras are amazing for the users whop are really into photography, both amateur and professional.

The Sony Ericsson C905 also has some amazing features like a two way video call option and a rotating picture gallery. In addition the phone also has some really good video editing options.
The Sony Ericsson C905 also has a digital music player that rips and plays various music formats like, MP3, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, AAC, WMA etc. the phone also has stereo speakers to produce unmatched sound.  The users can also use various connectivity options like, Bluetooth, USB with Pop-Port and GPRS.

The Sony Ericsson C905 also has a wonderful active matrix QVGA colour screen that measures a 2.4 inch in size. The screen provides a wide viewing angle and supports a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels mobile phone. The best feature of the Sony Ericsson C905 is the DVB-H based mobile TV. In addition to it, the phone also has an internal antenna and an option to replay a TV program up to 30 seconds. This is what sets it apart from the other phones.

When it comes to the Sony Ericsson C905, it has features that give a whole dimension to the use of mobile phones. The phone makes the users’ life smarter. Basically the usewrs will see that the phone reflects their personality and taste.There also is a Wi-Fi option in the Sony Ericsson C905 that allows the users to connect to the internet without any wires. The phone is touted as the next big thing. The dimensions of the Nokia N81 are 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm. It weighs only 140 gm, with a 240X320 pixels of TFT screen.