An Honest Review of AdwareAlert

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-Why AdwareAlert is a great deal

-Our one complaint with AdwareAlert 

AdwareAlert will scan your system very quickly,Guest Posting and has a user-friendly interface. In our tests of AdwareAlert, we found it did a good job of detecting spyware intruders harmful to our system. Also, at $19.95, it's one of the lower-priced spyware removal products on the market.

Our complaint with AdwareAlert is that it does not offer real-time protection. In other words, spyware can infect your computer even after this product is installed. YOU have to take steps to get rid of it. Also, there is no auto-scheduler that allows you to perform system scans at pre-determined times.

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Jeff Farley

AdwareAlert is a strong spyware removal product.  However, the spyware remover that works best is XoftSpySE.   Click here for a FREE SCAN

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