Easy Guidelines that can Prevent Data Breach

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In the recently passed year, more than 31 percent of the data is lost by the companies that do not have more than 100 people employed. This is alarming for small companies as hackers are going for the easy low hanging fruit.

The common idea about data breach is that only big organizations become victim of data breach. But,Guest Posting according to the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), almost 31 companies having the labor count of less than 100 have become the data breach victim. You can make your data secure by following some of the given guidelines.

Avoid saving confidential data in Portable Drives

Portable data storing devices such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, memory cards are quite convenient to carry the data around. Especially, USB drives are hardly of the size of a human thumb and can carry the data up to terabytes. But, experts rate these portable drives as a big threat to data security. The reason that supports experts’ idea is that these drives are extremely small to take care of. Hence, these small data storing devices are very much prone to getting lost and stolen and the data saved in it can easily be fetched out.

Dispose sensitive data with care

When you are done with a piece of information and you need to delete it, do it carefully. Deleted files can be easily be recovered back and can cause you harm. Proper deletion of files is as necessary as keeping files properly save.

Keep data password protected

Hackers’ attack is one of the common sources of data breach. If you see the trend of data breach for years, you will find that nearly 50 percent of the data stolen by hackers by creating a safe passage for them. Controlling hackers and their attacks on your database is tough, but, you can make your data secure by using software that can make Folder Lockers. Even if hackers get into your computer, they will not be able to steal your sensitive information.

Restrict physical access to your computer

Your personal data that is saved in your personal computer or office data that is saved in your office’s computer, every piece of information is important to protect. There are quite a few cases in which a person stolen data physically from the database. That is why, it is necessary to keep your computer personal whether it is your computer at home or at your office. Especially, office computer should not be touched by any colleague or any other person of the office as insider threat is one of the biggest threat to data security.

Protection against viruses

One of the basic data security principles is to use antivirus software. There is a universal problem among the computer users that they use antivirus program, but, they do not upgrade it regularly. Hackers are busy in finding new and improved techniques to steal data and antimalware programs are being upgraded by the companies accordingly, but, if you do not upgrade it, will not be able to perform efficiently.

Other than the above mentioned guidelines, there are some steps that the organization should take. An organization ought to educate their employees regarding data security and its hazards. Make sure that the network you are using is secure and cannot be attacked easily by the hackers. Data breach is an increasing problem for the computer users around the world and getting costlier day by day. A data breach can cause some big losses and it may haunt you for months or even years.

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