Sbcglobal Email Settings

Jul 28


Mikev Smith

Mikev Smith

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For getting maximum benefits of Sbcglobal email, it is really very important to know the applicable email server settings.


Sbcglobal email is one of the email domains offered by AT & T. And if we talk about email settings,Sbcglobal Email Settings  Articles it is important to know each of the domains under the AT & T.  There is pop server/ port setting and POP server/port settings and SMTP server/port settings. For every these type of settings, there is also a POP3 user ID/username setting. Email server domain setting for SBCglobal email is If you have any confusion, you can use online sbcglobal email for finding the applicable email server settings.

The POP server/ port setting for Sbcglobal is Simple mail transfer mail protocol setting for Sbcglobal is (465 is the port). Sbcglobal email POP3 user ID/username is mail needs secure sockets layer(SSL). Not only Sbcglobal but all email domains which come under AT &T require SSL.

The protocol type which is applicable for Sbcglobal is POP3. You can easily find the use of Sbcglobal email settings when you try to setup the email program. The email settings are also very useful when you try to verify the email program.

All the above mentioned settings are especially for email servers. If you are using Microsoft outlook, Mac osx mail. You can access Sbcglobal email support if you are unable to understand the email settings. email support is for customers who are facing technical difficulty in using sbcglobal email service. Sbcglobal provides you all the required facility for all the customers who are using Sbcglobal email service all over the world. Sbcglobal is most popular and effective email service which is really an important email service provider. All the customers like the services offered by sbcglobal email service.

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