Six Amazing Features of Salesforce Lightening

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Salesforce has released Lightening platform, with the help of which the mobile compatible Lightening components and apps can be developed by the Salesforce developers and can be made compatible for mobile devices. The new platform has various newly introduced features. In this article there are listed a few reasons, which makes this platform favorite of all Salesforce developers.

Salesforce Lightening includes some tools for Salesforce Developers and Lightening Component Framework. One can easily develop any responsive Salesforce app using Lightening. The Aura based Lightening Framework is a first mobile type UI,Guest Posting which is given by Salesforce for Salesforce Developers. Salesforce Lightening encompasses other tools and technologies for the developers, which include Lightening App Builder, Lightening Design System, Lightening Connect and Lightening Component Framework. In this articles there are listed a few features of this new Framework, due to which it has become favorite of the Salesforce developers. They are:

  • Interactive and Responsive Interface: In new Lightening, Salesforce has provided the new Lightening UI for the responsive UI era, through which the developers can develop the responsive web based application easily. The classic UI of Salesforce was best until the release of HTML5, but for the responsive web development it does not have that many functions, but Lightening comes with lots of features suitable for any responsive web design.
  • Compatibility with the Visualforce pages: When Salesforce launched Lightening platform, then the big challenge for them was to provide a front end, which support the existing functionality and customization so that the developers can use the new platform easily and feel familiar with that. The Visualforce pages will still be compatible with new Lightening and the new components can also designed and developed through Salesforce Lightening, which can be again used on Visualforce pages.
  • Lightening App Builder: Salesforce platform can be used to build any web based application and the Lightening App Builder tool of Salesforce can be used to develop the standalone applications. These applications can be either built directly using Lightening or can on top of the existing Salesforce1 mobile applications or Salesforce applications. The Lightening components are also available in ready to use form on Appexchange, from where anyone can easily fetch and use them.
  • To build the Community based app: On Appexchange the Lightening components are present through which the responsive community app can be build, specifically for any particular organization. Due to this one need not to use any external framework app in order to make their presence in outer world or to contact their customers. Just through Lightening platform one can build and use the Salesforce community app without leaving Salesforce platform.
  • Pixel Perfect Designs: Salesforce Lightening has a number of tools to design a perfect picture. The designers can create any perfectly and accurately designed application interface and provide a new polished experience to the user. Salesforce Lightening provides CSS framework and User Interface library, through which the developers can create and design the web app, which looks perfect and suitable for all platforms.
  • Free Tutorials and Training: Whenever Salesforce release any app it also provides free tutorials and training videos, which help the developers to get familiar with the tool. All of the tutorials are present on the developer’s site, but can be accessed and useful for administrator, users, salespeople and developers. The available Trailhead can be used to design and build the app or lightening component.

  Above listed features are the reasons for which it has become popular among developers. Apart from this Lightening components are compatible with all platforms and latest technologies. For any device the components can be made and are compatible with them as well.

 The components provide a client server framework which can accelerate the speed of component development procedure and improve their performance, not only this instead the components are also compatible with Salesforce Lightening and Salesforce1 mobile app.

 Through Salesforce Lightening App builder one can build the components without any code, which is a quicker way and the developers can visually develop these components. The custom built lightening components are available on lightening app builder for the administrators. They can build and customize the Lightening components according to the organizational requirement.

The seamlessly Customized Salesforce Application Development has become easy and convenient after release of Salesforce Lightening platform. Even for the mobile devices, which are running on the Salesforce1 mobile app. Salesforce Lightening Experience and components can be easily built by using this newly launched platform.  Any standalone or customized Salesforce Lightening app can be created through Salesforce Lightening.

 So now, any organization even which are using Salesforce Classic platform can migrate their applications to Salesforce Lightening easily. The availability of compatible components and apps makes it suitable for all the users. In this technical world, where everyone is using the devices, which use various platforms, the Salesforce Lightening components makes it compatible with all of the mobile devices so the sales representatives can use the Salesforce through any device at anytime from anywhere. Even the components are easily available on Appexchange and can be used whenever the developers or administrator need them.



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