What is smart card reader

Dec 26




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Smart card reader is an electronic drive for reading and writing smart cards such as IC card, RFID card, etc. There are two types: contact smart card and contactless smart card. Know more what is a smart card reader below.


Smart card reader is an electronic drive for reading and writing smart cards such as IC card,What is smart card reader Articles RFID card, etc. There are two types: contact smart card and contactless smart card. Know more what is a smart card reader below.

contactless smart card reader is the dedicated reader for the easy-to-use M1 card, it can read and write Mifare S50, S70 card with using the D8 core technology, connect with a PC and related equipment via RS232 serial or USB port, (USB hassel technology adoption). With more simple, stable and low cost, contactless smart card reader supplied various platforms Driver Development Kit, with full functionality demo program operable radio card and test card with automatic operation.

D3 type smart card reader is the development of IC card related products and systems integration necessary front-end processing equipment, its rich, perfect interface functions that can be easily applied to industry and commerce, telecommunications, postal services, taxation, banking, insurance, medical, meeting attendance, various deductions cafe management, gas stations, parking management, etc. (such as parking fees charged) charges, stored value, query and other smart card management application systems.

Smart card reader instruction manual:First, need to focus on the frequency range of the reading and writing device to the frequency of use to see the project meets its specification;Second, to understand the reader's maximum transmit power and antenna matching selection whether excessive radiation;Third, check the available number of antenna ports of reader, depending on the application to see if need multi-interface reader;Fourthly, communication interface meets the needs of the project;Fifth, the interpretation of distance and anti-collision indicators, reading from the index must be clear what the antenna and tag testing; anti-collision to be clear what label for how long and under what arrangement over the entire reading;Sixth, in addition to an RFID application system and reader related, but also and tags, antennas, the material is tagged item is tagged item movement speed, ambient and other related before determining the best equipment can simulate site conditions testing and validation to ensure that the product really can meet the application requirements;Seventh, in the case of continuous simulation test stability of the equipment, to ensure long-term stability work.

Features:Fast, accurate positioning: check on your mobile device stores a geographical distribution throughout the CRDA, will make geopositioning indication of the investigation files, to achieve quickly find and archive operations.Easy inventory: inspection device using RFID can quickly complete inventory files, troubleshooting, shelves, etc., in greatly reducing the workload while librarians can improve records management efficiency, reduce error rates when lending archived.File information accurate records: archives while handling people, people to borrow, lend, archiving and time are automatically registered to complete, to prevent manual errors to ensure the accuracy of the raw data archive management information systems, and provide real-time query file status, report printing.Batch File lending, archive registration and management: records management is a very complicated job, fewer records management staff, people seeking to borrow more archives, records management application of RFID technology to achieve modernization, automation, increase productivity and reduce labor archivist strength, help librarians to automate batch file loan, filing registrationArchive RFID tags store information that has changed freely: access electronic tag data capacity, and stores information about the changes with ease, facilitate file property information management.Security: After the records management staff to verify the landing records management system through RFID identity before they can lend to archives, archiving operations, for the illegal take-file, the system will alarm. Tag information is also encrypted.

Read Card:Smart card reader read card is divided into contact and contactless. Contactless smart card reader as long as a valid card reader reading distance within the range of tasks to complete the card reader, the example is Syncotek SK-600P smart card reader, contact smart card reader (such as Syncotek Sk-285P) needs the contact with card and reader to complete the task, but it is divided into several reader modes, for example:Main deckThe first step: the IC card chip side up into the main deck, flat push in the end, when the card is inserted, "Card" indicator light. Each indicator position function on the PC to select deck operations.The step two: Card reader during "Run" indicator light, then you cannot pull out a card or turn off the power.The third step: the card operation is completed, press the button on the reader to eject the card.Emergency spare deckThe first step: the main deck when the reader is not working properly, in order not to affect the work before the emergency back deck enabled.Step two: Remove the emergency backup cartridge sealing glue, the CPU card chip side down, into the machine's inside this deck, flat push in the end, and then select the deck to operate in the host machine.Note: The card reader during the "Run" indicator light, then you cannot pull out the card or turn off the power.Embedded SAM deckStep one: Open the cabinet bottom SAM card cover, to find the appropriate embedded white deck, pull the deck lid, the gap embedded SIM card or SAM card deck alignment gap, after embedding covered deck cover, on the PC software detects that the correct return value covered deck lid and chassis with screws.Step two: Card reader during "Run" indicator light.

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