Why your Business needs our EPOS Software?

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At EPOS Direct, we have designed an EPOS software which will make daily business life much more convenient for your business. Our EPOS software aims to allow the business owner to be able to deal with business responsibilities in a more convenient manner. When you buy an EPOS Direct EPOS software, your business will be guaranteed to increase their efficiency and quality of customer service.

Automated Stock Control

At EPOS Direct,Guest Posting we understand how valuable time is to the business owner. Counting your stock is a very time consuming task which will have to be done on a daily basis. This means that the business owner will waste a substantial amount of time counting the stock every day. However, EPOS Direct have the solution for you. Our EPOS software comes with automated stock control which means that the business owner will never have to count the stock again. This is possible because every time a transaction is made through the till, the products will be subtracted from the stock number. This means at the end of the day the stock number will be ready for you. The use of the automated stock control will allow the business owner to focus on more important issues which will increase the efficiency of your business. When the stock reaches the minimum level, the EPOS software will notify your suppliers so that they send out an order instantly. Our EPOS system enables you to continue putting a smile on your customer’s face.

No need to buy another Hardware

We understand that every penny is valuable for a small business as your budget will be limited. This is why EPOS Direct will aim to find you the cheapest deal so that you can make money instead of spending it. If you’ve got hardware that is gathering dust, then we have got good news for you. This is because our EPOS software will be able to be used on a wide range of hardware. This means that you will not have to fork out on another hardware and will be able to purchase our software only package. Our software can be set up on other manufacturer’s hardware quickly and conveniently which will allow you to start serving your customers instantly. This shows that when you buy from EPOS Direct, we will find the cheapest solution for you so that you can increase the profitability of your business.


Our EPOS software will allow you to have a deeper look into the activities of your business. This will allow you to ensure that your business is operating smoothly and will allow you to identify any minor issues which will enable you to solve them before they have a big impact on your business. We understand that depending on your business type, there are different aspects that will be important to your business. This is why with our EPOS software, you can customise the layout of your reports so that you can see the reports which impact your business the most. The EPOS software will create a sales report including all of the sales that were processed during a specified period of time. This will allow the business owner to identify what products are successful and what products are struggling. This will enable the business to increase the profitability of the business by allowing the business to focus their promotional efforts on the successful products and cut costs by discontinuing the products that are struggling. The sales report will also ensure that all products are generating a profit return, this will allow the business owner to identify any missing stock or money. This will reduce the loss of the business and will increase the security of your establishment. The sales report will also enable you to see what time is the busiest in your establishment.

Aftercare and Support

When you purchase an EPOS system from EPOS direct, you will not need to know anything about EPOS softwares. EPOS Direct will provide you with training so that you will be able to set up and use your till conveniently and efficiently. This shows that when you purchase from EPOS Direct, you will not need to worry about confusing installations or complex configurations. Once you have purchased our EPOS software, our technical team will be available to help you with any queries or issues you may have. Our technical team are highly skilled and are very experienced in the EPOS industry, this means that if your till has an issue, our team will be able to find an effective solution quickly. When you purchase an EPOS software from us, we will guarantee that you will be able to serve your customers at any time.

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