4 Disastrous Mistakes You Can Make With Women

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If you make any of these 4 mistakes with a woman, you'll have no chance of attracting her.

No one ever said that attracting women is easy. Actually,Guest Posting it can be a very tricky as there really is not "routine" available to guarantee attraction and success with women. What you thought was the best way, may have proved you wrong in the past.

Here’s a new way to look at it. It is not always about what you do but rather what you should not do. Though not exclusive to this list, there are a few mistakes you should definitely avoid for both the sake of both you and the woman.

It has been joked before that a woman has already convinced herself that she is going to have sex with you "as long as he doesn’t screw up." The suggested in fun, there may actually be some truth mixed in. You may not even realize that you are committing these top mistakes around women. How many times have you thought everything was going great with a woman, when all of a sudden she says you both need to talk.

You may be able to avoid some of those discussions by recognizing a few mistakes you might be making and working to eliminate them. There are certain problems you may need to correct in order to be attractive to women and stay attractive. With one of the following mistakes, you could instantly turn her away.


There is no way around this one. Don’t lie. It’s simple. We are probably all guilty of those occasional, minor lies when it comes to women. But, if you constantly need to lie to her for things to go your way, you are headed for trouble at some point. The lies will catch up to you.

Even if the truth might hurt, the best choice when it comes to women is to just be honest. You can even think about it selfishly for a moment if that helps. The truth may hurt in the short-term, but being caught in a lie will hurt far worse in the long-run. For example, do not tell her you are sick when you really were going out with your friends. If you want a Saturday night with your friends but she wants to go out, tell her. Remember, women do not forget certain things even if you did. You might find yourself in an interrogation-situation if you slip-up and start telling her about something that happened that night. Once known, deception can cause you many problems and headaches with women.

Weak Character

A man with a lack of commitment and weak character can be a huge turn-off for women. A woman is attracted to a man who actually does what he says. The expression about a "man’s word being his honor" is true. Be confident in what you say, be sure it is true and take action on your words. If you tell her about something you plan to do, be sure there is a time down the road when you are telling her when and how you did it. The point is, you should show her that you actually do what you say. Women want a man with a confident, "will do" attitude.

No Confidence

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but it is worth repeating. A woman is attracted to a man with confidence. Lacking it is probably the fastest way to ruin the attraction. Keep in mind, though, that here is a difference between arrogance and confidence. You do not want to come across like a jerk, though. That is also a turn-off.

You will be giving the impression of a weak guy, if, for instance, you constantly seek approval from those around you. A confident man prides himself in who he is but does so quietly, without the need to show off. You can more easily attract women, and maintain that attraction, if you become a guy who is confident in himself and in any situation. Just be sure not to cross that fine-line between arrogant and confident.

Not Approaching

If you are guilty of this mistake if you have succumbed to the idea that you do not need to approach women today. As much as you may want this to be true, don’t get your hopes up as this is not the case. Women may indeed be more inclined to approach a man today, but you still must become more comfortable approaching a woman if you want to, first, meet them and, second, attract them. Keep in mind that women like to feel they are being pursued and approaching them contributes to this desire in the beginning.

Simply initiate a conversation with her and take it from there. Hopefully, you can arrange and date or meeting for a later time. But, it goes without saying that the act of approaching is just the beginning of building that attraction. Don’t relax your dating skills too much once the conversation has started.

Once you have identified any of these mistakes you are making, work toward eliminating them when you are around women. You will then be on your way toward becoming that attractive guy women love to be with!

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