7 Good Places to Meet Women

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Want to meet women in your area?  Well in this article, you'll discover 7 simple places you can use to meet attractive women.

Meeting and attracting women comes with many challenges with which you are probably too familiar. For many guys,Guest Posting trying to find a place to meet women is the greatest challenge. If this sounds like you, pay close attention to this article. I will describe seven of the best places to meet interesting women.

1. Supermarkets

Meeting women at the grocery store is often part of a joke or cliché. "Yes, we met at the produce section." But, in reality, supermarkets are good places to meet women.

Think about it. The larger percentage of shoppers is likely women and, as such, you will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities at the supermarket. Further, since everyone needs to shop for food, you will find a wide variety of women at the supermarket.

The best time to go is around 5:30 in the evening when most people get off work. At this hour, you should have no problem finding an interesting woman to approach. As far as "the approach," the most effective method is to ask their opinion about an item. This is a great way to start a conversation and, gradually, transition the topic from the item in question to more general topics.

2. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have become the feeding pool for single, attracting women which I first realized during a recent trip. I took the train to New York City one afternoon and headed to Starbucks to grab a cup of tea. Inside, there were dozens of tables filled with beautiful women.

Interestingly, it was Tuesday afternoon in the middle of November. With nearly a hundred attractive women at this coffee shop at this time, imagine the possibilities!

It is my opinion that coffee shops are an untapped market when it comes to meeting women. Most guys simply do not take advantage of what I found to be a terrific place to easily meet women. Just get a cup of coffee or tea and initiate a conversation with an interesting woman nearby.

3. Parties

Parties can be loads of fun, a great place to hang out and also an excellent place to meet attractive women. If you are older, parties are a great place to socialize with the old friends as well as meet new ones. Since the purpose of the evening is to socialize, parties provide the perfect relaxed atmosphere to more easily approach a woman and engage her in conversation.

If your friends are not those that host parties, just have your own party! Just invite all of your friends and ask that they bring along a few guests. With a lot of new women at the party, you will find plenty of opportunities to start great conversations and practice your "seduction skills."

4. Your Own Social Circle

An alternative to parties is your own social circle. One of the more common ways men meet their girlfriend or wife is through mutual friends or social contacts. Your chances are high that you will meet a great woman from your family and friends.

To benefit from your social circle in this regard, you should start organizing various events and turn yourself into the "coordinator" for fun, social times. This will expand your social circle even more allowing you to meet more interesting, attractive women.

5. Church

Yes, I said it. Church really is a great place to meet women. One benefit of meeting women are religious places is that they are morally inline with their life. Further, many who attend church regularly have faced a lot of "inner troubles" already and have managed to overcome them.

Do not fall prey to the misconception that regular churchgoers are not fun and sexual. These women enjoy a good time just like everyone else. They only differ in that they do not live the hedonistic lifestyle you may have found with other women.

6. Trains and Subways

Many guys work in major cities and metropolitan areas, spending countless hours each week commuting to their job. Some men use this time on the train or subway to relax, sleep or read a good book. You, on the other hand, should use this time as an opportunity to meet new women.

One technique, among others, is to scan the subway or train for a woman who is reading a book with which you are familiar. Start the conversation by discussing the book on hand and then shift the conversation into more general topics and, ultimately, setting up a date or at least getting her phone number.

7. Lunch or Happy Hour

If you work in a major city, commercial area or corporate park, you will notice there are probably several local establishments that offer lunch or happy hours specials. These are great places to mingle with co-workers, have a good time and meet women from other local companies.

Lunch and happy hours are generally more relaxed than the usual bar scene because everyone is there to unwind from the busy day. As such, they will be more open to conversation. Of course, in these settings, a great way to start a conversation is with the classic question of "So, do you work in the area. I’m just down the street…" or something similar. You can take it from there!

As you see, there are many chances to meet women throughout your normal daily routine. By paying attention to your surroundings, you will find that there are many interesting women who could just be your next date. Keep your eyes open as you come across these good places to meet women described above!

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