Asian marriage and sex culture.

Jun 9


Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller

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  • Share this article on Linkedin Young and mature Asian women are increasingly becoming a popular choice for western men to partner with. Many Asian cultures for females lend themselves to a submissive type role within relationships and some men find this quality appealing whereby their wife makes the husband the centre of all priorities. So what makes western men appealing for Asian girls that are seemingly cueing up to marry westerner's ?


The number of Asian girls looking to marry foreign men out weighs the opposite scenario. This has been the case for decades as young and older Asian females seek a better life than the third world conditions they are accustomed to. Westerners are seen by Asian women as wealthy and have the means to financially and emotionally support them.

Over 85% of citizens in countries such as China,Asian marriage and sex culture. Articles Thailand and the Philippines live in poverty and are barely able to support their families. Marrying a westerner can often be the answer to their financially difficulties. Many young Asian girls will move to different countries to marry western men leaving their families behind so they can support them through their husbands in a pre-arranged agreement.

Unfortunately this also leads to a high rate of abuse for many Asian women who are single and fending for themselves within their own countries. Prostitution is rife and young desperate Asian girls face daily abuse at the hands of some western men that would never be tolerated in first world countries. Governments in countries such as China and Thailand turn a blind eye to the abuse knowing that it is the only way many can survive financially with some third world countries in Asia facing 80% unemployment.

Invading western armies during world wars is how much of the Asian marriage and prostitution culture began. This culture is only growing as poverty is the only life many know and sadly many Asian girls will be forced to live as prostitutes or will leave their families for years and move to a foreign country to marry. This isn't to say that women in Asian countries cant live a life outside this culture. As normal western culture is increasingly influencing Asian societies, Asian single women are finding opportunities within their own countries to become independent - Which is a good thing!

The internet is helping Asian women find foreign men. There are dating websites for single Asian women and girls specifically set up for marrying foreigners.
This allows women to assess their potential husbands before meeting in person and is also considered safer than simply flying to another country to marry a total stranger. Meeting a foreigner online allows the chance for their potential husband to be checked out more thoroughly than conventional means to see if they stack up financially. It is not uncommon for a foreign man to make a substantial down payment before their new wife marry's them.