Break Up Recovery - Why Why Why? Did He/she Really Love You?

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Why? Why? Why?

This is the one troubling question you will stumble across,Guest Posting if you are the one who got dumped. You essentially had to gulp down the very hard decision your ex took and the whole break up situtation seems indigestible for you. Thats probably why the question pops up again and again. Before we ponder deep into the reasons why your relationship has failed, we need to find out what this relationship meant to your ex. There can be broadly two cases.

* Your ex girlfriend/boyfriend loved you truly & sincerely

* Your ex girlfriend/boyfriend was nothing but a jerk

In order to find out in which category your ex girlfriend / boyfriend falls, all you need to do is recollect the route through which your relationship has come and the mode of your break up.

How to find whether your girlfriend / boyfriend genuinely loved you: Has he/she given you warnings and red flags along the way, that you simply ignored? Did he/she present the whole breakup thing personally (to you) in a very genuine manner? Did he/she give you the time to understand what he/she was saying and had shown patience to listen to what you say? Did your ex tell YOU the exact reasons why he/she wants a break up looking directly into your eyes? Did he/she ask the question is it not better that we breakup bcos of so and so reasons instead of I just want to quit. Its over? Was he/she concerned about how you would face the situation or just said You will handle it. Youll be fine and scooted?

If the answer to all/most of the above questions was a YES, your lover falls in the first category. You can count yourself extremely lucky.

How to find if your girlfriend / boyfriend desperately wanted to quit:

Did he/she attempt for one or more breakups previously itself, but simply failed? Did he/she act like they virtually got a new face mask and started being a different self? Did he/she avoid your questions totally or gave very vague explanations and reasons for the break up? Did he/she ever care about how you would recover & move on with your life? Did he/she keep on hurting you after the break up for his/her sadistic pleasures? Does he/she like harassing you in public?

If the answer to most of the above questions was a YES, then count your love simply as one among the crowd. (Just type break up in yahoo answers and you will see the real crowd). Still count yourself lucky enough for having learned a huge lesson in your life.

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