Dating tips for single Mums - Why is dating as a single parent different?

May 6 08:10 2009 Matt Fuller Print This Article  With children almost certainly being the main priority for a single Mom, finding dating opportunities or introducing a new love interest to your children can be very challenging for single Mums.

There is a multitude of dating advice on the internet,Guest Posting however little applies to single Mums and often isn't practical advice for a single Mum's lifestyle. Life as you knew it before your children came along has had a dramatic effect on your social opportunities as you try to balance your needs and your children's needs.

One of your biggest challenges with dating again is how to approach the subject with your children. For a period of time, your children will have had you all to themselves, so suddenly introducing a man into their life can be very unsettling and confusing for children. A new love interest should be introduced as a friend and slowly converted over weeks and months as Mums new boyfriend/partner. Avoid having him around 24/7, especially at the beginning.

Once you've found an appropriate date, you need to ensure you relax and are committed to your night out. To make the most out of your evening you will need to forget about everything else. You will of course have had to find a baby sitter worthy of your trust. A family member is an obvious choice however this option ensures your private life will be distributed amongst your family which can be annoying especially if you have just met someone and merely testing the waters.

Single Mums often find romantic interests on the internet . Forget about the stigma attached with online dating , someone you meet through a dating site has just as much chance of being Mr perfect. You have a much better chance of locating other male singles that are online who perhaps share your frustrations and are often single parent's themselves. According to census statistics in 2007 there were 13.1 million single parent families in America. Of which 10.8 million are single Mums and 2.3 million single Dads. Around 60% of singles in general are thought to have used online dating sites . So if this same number is applied to single Mums and Dads it could well mean that technically there would be around 6 million single Mums with online dating profiles, and around 1.5 million single Dads online. There are also free online dating sites online which makes the whole online option even more inviting.

When you finally meet a great guy worthy of you and your families trust, be careful not to make him into a ready made Dad straight away. Your children will resent you for this. So now that you have finally met you're man, pay special attention to how you are going to maintain you're existing life and you're new life. Any new relationship is a big decision and also keep in mind not to lean on him too quickly.

Always stay focused on your children. Remember they are consistently changing and evolving and will need your special guidance to protect them and ensure they have every opportunity life can offer them. 

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