Dating Tips: What Wealthy Men Really Looking For A Women?

Sep 29


JV Diaz

JV Diaz

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Wealthy Men are really looking for down-to-earth women who won't blow their budget, a partner to work along side them in their growth business, and help them keep their lives running smoothly and . . .


Wealthy Men are really looking for down-to-earth women who won't blow their budget. They are open to friendly women who would make easy companions -- fun to talk with who can get down to business when they need to -- which is fairly often -- that's how wealth is made and kept! He wants to be married for life,Dating Tips: What Wealthy Men Really Looking For A Women? Articles since he is seriously trying to avoid losing half of his wealth-to-date in a Divorce.


Now, here's a difference between a Rich Man and a Wealthy Man...a Rich Man is a fellow with a tremendous amount of money, and often he is looking for a 'Trophy Wife'. A Wealthy Man is someone who has worked really hard for his money and who wants to not only keep it, he wants to make sure it grows. The Wealthy Man is looking for a Partner to work along side him in this growth business, and help him keep his life running smoothly and make his whole family much happy.


Remember that the Type of Work that a Wealthy Man does may not match what is typically thought of as a 'moneyed position'. The old thinking was that only Doctors and Lawyers were the ones with money (this doesn't include Athletes, since they are few and far between, and we're talking about men you might actually come in contact with on any given day..!). Entrepreneurs, Contractors, Teachers (yes, some teachers are really, really good money managers, and are able to amass all sorts of wealth!), People in Construction and Real Estate, and let's not forget Computers! Almost any line of work can lead a person down the Road to Wealth -- it's all about Money Management, not necessarily how much you make in any given year.


Keep an open mind when you meet a new person to see what they're really all about. You'll ensure a better future for yourself if you hook up with a man who has solid understanding of Wealth Management. A guy with a really high salary who spends like a fiend in order to APPEAR Wealthy will be more difficult to get ahead with than someone who earns less but manages his money well.