Easy Methods For Picking Up Hot Female Bartenders

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In many venues you’ll see a large assortment of attractive female bartenders.  The question is how can you pick them up?  Well in this article, you’ll discover a few techniques for approaching and attracting your local female bartender!

It's not unusual to spot a cute girl in a club,Guest Posting and usually you would know exactly what to do: buy her a drink; ask her to dance; charm both her and her friends. But when the cute girl is pulling pints behind the bar, surely everything changes?

Well, not necessarily.

Of course, she may not be allowed to drink on the job, and she won't have time to dance. But when it comes to making a good first impression, a lot of the usual tricks hold true.

Let's start with not looking desperate. Give any girl the impression that you'll sleep with whoever will have you and you'll soon find that nobody will.

Barmaids spend a large part of every night fending off the drunken advances of luckless men, so convincing them of your good intentions is even harder than usual. Experience makes them suspicious.

If you fancy the sexy bartender, you're going to have to forget there are any other girls in the room. You need her to believe you're chasing her because she's all that you want, not because you're striking out elsewhere – so don't risk getting caught chatting up the alternatives.

Be attentive without seeming clingy. Girls love to think that you like them, but they also need time to brag about it to their mates.

Or, in the case of the tasty bartender, she needs time to do her job.

If the club's quiet, she'll welcome your attention. Make idle conversation, ask about her day and listen to her answers. But when the bar gets busy, back off and leave her to it. She doesn't want the punters to think she's ignoring them, or her boss to accuse her of slacking, so respect the fact she's at work.

Persevere. You already know girls love to be chased – it makes them feel extra special.

Well, barmaids are no different.

If she's too busy to flirt that first night, don't give up. Become a regular. Get to know her by name, and she'll soon get to know you by drink. By building up a rapport with your barmaid you'll quickly improve your chances.

So, what else do you need to know?

Think about your tips. If you're stingy, she'll feel slighted. If you're overly generous, you could seem cocky or  patronising. Rather than agonising over percentages or making a show of leaving her money, try simply waving away your change – the gesture will make her notice you, but won't look like part of a game.

Know your limits. Remember that she's stone cold sober and makes a living watching men at their worst. Stand out by staying clear-headed. If you want to drink, go ahead – it will show you like a good time – but stop before you get to the stage of slurring loudly that you “really want to hump her”.

And plan ahead. At the end of the night, ask if she might like to go out some time. If she doesn't suggest right here, right now, don't be disheartened, though – she's just worked a long, late night shift and probably has a couple of hours of wiping down tables to do before she's allowed to go home. Write down your number, hand it over, then smile and head for the door.

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