Five Unique Ways to Propose Someone

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Have you ever wondered how to propose someone you like so they get impressed and see it differently? Here are some unique ways you can use to impress someone you like.

A proposal is one of the fondest memories a girl carries in her life. Also,Guest Posting asking for marriage or for a relationship is a special moment in a man’s life. Hence, it is important to make it grand and big. But, do you know that a simple proposal can be boring and instead you can try something new yet effective. There are a lot of ways through which you can propose your better half. Read on to find out.

  1. Cuteness overload

You can always set the ambience with cute things like stuff toys and flowers around her. Also, you can pop the main question with a help of dog or a baby. Train the dog to hold the cue card when she comes. If she loves dogs, then she will not be able to say a no. Apart from that, you can take help of a family member as well. Ask a small child from the family to hold a cue card with the question. This will actually add sincerity and innocence to your proposal. However, make sure to decorate the ambiance around her with flowers and candles.

If you have the budget and time, then you can plan a next level proposal as well. You can hire a trained dolphin and request her to come with you for a scuba diving tour. The dolphin can ask her a question then.


  1. Beach proposal

It might sound a little cliché but girls love these things. If your girl loves the beach, then do not think anything else. Beach actually give a romantic ambiance on its own. Thus, you do not have to put much effort in it. You can take her for a long walk on the beach and casually sit on knee, taking her by surprise. If you want you can include her friends and family as well. This will require a little bit of planning but, it will mean everything to her.


  1. Dramatic and romantic proposal

If your girl is a little filmy, then you can plan a dramatic proposal for her. However, you might have to plan and make some arrangements in advance for this one. You can take her boating in a lake or book a yacht, if you have the budget. Just decorate the boat with rose petals. Take it to the mid sea or lake and then, pop the question. Make sure to have a nice background music as well. You can also arrange for a secret photographer who can capture the complete moment. Chinese tradition is a bit different when it comes to relationships and dating. Also, the Chinese dating sites suggest their users to make their proposal genuine and different.


  1. Coffee proposal

If your girl loves coffee as much as she loves you, then this is the perfect kind of proposal. You can either get a spoon or print your question on that or you can get it written on her coffee. To make it more romantic, you can take her to a lavish resort. Pop this question in a wonderful ambiance with her morning coffee. Also, if you get the spoon engraved with this question, she will be able to keep it as a memory forever.


  1. Scavenger hunt

If you partner likes mystery and adventure, then you can turn your proposal in to a scavenger hunt. Just scatter the clues for your partner at your home or in your neighbourhood. Well, you have to decide how grand you want your hunt to be. Based on that, you can make the preparations. Give relevant clues and ask for a friend to guide her too. You can actually bring her back to places you have gone on dates and spent time at. Make sure to add clues from things you have done together. In this way they will be relevant, romantic and sweet at the same time.


The above are some of the effective ways people have used so far to impress their partners. A man seeking a beautiful wife whom they have started liking must try these ways to convey their love while proposing them.

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