Free Dating Websites VS Paid Dating Websites

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Learn how to evaluate free dating websites against their paid counterparts,Guest Posting and to use these sites safely and securely. There are disadvantages and advantages to both free and paid dating sites besides one will charge you and one will not, learn what they are.

Free is a word that certainly can pique interest especially when it comes to free dating websites that can save the considerable fees that well known paid sites levy. However, nothing in this world is completely free and even free sites must support themselves. 

Paid Vs Free Dating WebSites

It will probably be helpful to examine the differences between paid dating sites and free dating sites initially.

  • Free dating websites encourage anyone with an email address to join. They do not require a credit card or even PayPal. In this type of site, the more members who join, the better it is for the site. However, free dating sites will pose no barriers for the less desirable types joining it.
  • Paid dating sites have a smaller membership base and screen their applicants more thoroughly. There are questionnaires and profiles to fill out on these sites (some even require them before accepting the application for membership). Although even an extensive screening, process still does not provide a barrier against undesirables joining either.

Free dating websites encourage almost anyone to join and require little or no verification of identity. What that boils down to is that it is almost impossible to know if the person you are chatting to online or emailing is whom they say, they are.

Paid dating sites will generally be far more exclusive and may require a lot more information to join. Exclusivity is always a draw for some types of persons. Of course belonging to an exclusive club does not always guarantee that a person makes a good date.

  • The amount of information required to join free dating websites is usually minimal and this is attractive to many people. Public awareness of cyber security concerns makes many people more cautious about giving out too much information, a site that asks for little or no personal information may be attractive.
  • Paid dating websites always require more information. The first piece of course, is the method of payment for the dating website. This can sometimes help screen out the posers, the persons posting fake pictures, or those who attempt to post a profile based on what they would like to be rather than what they are not. On the other hand, it does not guarantee that the person is who they say they are either.

Conclusion: Online dating sites have weaknesses as well as strengths. It is less likely to encounter persons who are complete fakes on a paid dating website. On the other hand, there are no guarantees in the online world. It is always important to set up security precautions before giving out your telephone number or any other personal information over the internet.

  • Free dating websites will not require any credit card information and if asked for a payment method, the site is not free.
  • Paid dating websites have more barriers to joining and a smaller more exclusive database comprised of persons who can afford the membership fees. Beyond that little can be guaranteed on even those sites. .

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