How do you Date People During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Apr 16




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Dating during the Coronavirus Pandemic is hard and In the article, I will describe some way that will help you date even in the Coronavirus Pandemic with precaution.


Feeling lonely?

Candlelight dinners, How do you Date People During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Articles walk in the park, a good romantic movie, all gone because Corona stole your date?

Not so easy Corona, we still got ways to date.

Let’s talk about how we are going to do it.


Online Movie Nights

Undoubtedly, you would be missing those movie nights with your better half, who right now is far away from you in this pandemic, therefore, it’s arduous to watch movies together in person.

On the other hand, you can still watch those movies together online in addition to the advantage of no arguments over snacks and drinks.

There are multiple ways to do this. First and foremost, the best option out there is Netflix Party where both parties need to have a Netflix account first. Following that you can watch movies together. Moving to Facebook Watch Party; it’s a feature on Facebook where multiple people can watch videos together, to access this the video should already be uploaded to Facebook.

Last but not least, if you are lazy to do anything, the easiest way would be talking on the phone and hitting the play button together at the same time.


Virtual Group Workouts

If your date is a fitness freak like you, undoubtedly you love working out together. Whereas all the gyms are closed. You can still carry on your workouts online.

Challenge, or motivate each other through the video call and keep track of how is your partner doing. This might sound daunting but still better than working out alone and giving up before you hit the last rep. Without a doubt, your partner can motivate you until the last rep.

And if you require your gym trainer you can find many of them online sharing their training tips for free you can follow them easily.


Cook and Eat Together

Craving some good dish, you haven’t dined out since long because of all the restaurants closed due to pandemic. And you miss eating with your beloved.

Well, you are in luck, because both things can be fixed in the age of the internet. The recipe of your favorite dish can be found online. Got the recipe now what’s lacking is your partner you can video call and show them what you are cooking, your partner may not be much help, but you can laugh at your cooking mistakes together. Might as well motivate them to cook a dish together that neither of you has made and seeing whose looks more delicious.

After cooking together, you can set up the table nicely and eat with our partner eating at the other end at the same time.


Digital Board Games

If you have a board game that you love playing with your date, and you still want to carry-on your board game nights. The simplest option might be to look up for the online or mobile version of it. It’s time to take board game night to the digital sphere. The Android and iOS versions of many board games are easily available. Some of these digital games even allow you to play cross-platform.

But if you want to retain the feeling of playing the game in real, you can always play it on a video call.


Book Reading

Love exploring new novels together, and discussing how was it after finishing it and exchanging each other’s opinions about it.

A pandemic can not take that away from you. Start reading the book together in your own homes, besides now you can easily find many eBooks online. After finishing the book you can discuss with each other about the book and keep this thing going on through this pandemic.


Don’t leave me alone

You might be new to this but many couples already do this in their long-distance relationships. They stay with each other on video calls for longer durations, while working, washing dishes, doing laundry or during any other chores just that they need the presence of the other person with them so they can see and talk to each other, rather than doing the work alone feeling miserable and lonely.

You can also adapt this trick during this pandemic, waking up in the morning you miss the presence of your beloved in bed, you can pick up your phone and call them to say good morning or tell them how you dreamt about them.

Moving on to breakfast, you don’t like eating alone so you can always have breakfast together on a video call and tell them how your breakfast looks better than theirs.

As per routine you can also stay online with them during your house chores, just to feel their presence and tell them how are you doing this wrong and help them out to do it correctly, or maybe they correct you for something.

Ending the day with your beloved you can get into bed and then video call them, have a little talk till you sleep.

We mustn’t forget about helping singles who are isolated by themselves. If that’s you, apply some relevant searches to connect with other singles for your own peace of mind.


Coronavirus canceled a lot of things; dating doesn’t have to be one of them.