How Not to Get Your Ex Back - A Must Read!

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It seemed to just come out of nowhere. Jimmy dumped her. He started his sentence like she'd seen so many times in the movies. "Sally, we need to talk," he said. Then there it was. "It's just not working out. I think we'd be better off as friends."

Really want to get your ex back? Are you creative enough and willing to try anything as long as you two get back together? If your current ambition is saving the relationship,Guest Posting I'm all for it... just please stay away from the desperate measures listed below. They seem stupid because they are and people still do them. If you want your ex back, here's exactly what NOT to do.

Paint protest signs

You might think that protesting made a difference in some of the world's most controversial issues, so why can't it work in your world? I mean just think about the intense topics that protesting has served in the past... war, abortion, taxes, capital punishment, animal cruelty.

If protesting can make in impact on these issues, why can't it help you get your ex back? All you need is some poster board, a permanent marker, and no life to pace back and forth in his or her front yard, right? Protesting can happen in other forms like refusing to work or boycotting events.

Pretend you didn't hear you broke up

He said what? She told you to take your things and go? When? Oh, you must not have been paying attention. It's perfectly fine to let yourself into your ex's apartment and spread out on the bed until he or she gets home from work. Just like normal, right? I mean, how can a break up be real if you weren't informed about it? Try something like this, and you can expect the cops arriving to lug you away, and the word "crazy" becoming synonymous with your name.

Call the mom

Maybe he's totally a momma's boy or maybe her mom is her best friend, so if you can get her on your side, there's

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